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starlings were nesting on the owl

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starlings were nesting on the owl 
By larsxx on Mar 31, 2014 05:50 AM
MetLife Stadium runs officialhockeycanadiens.com/Authentic-Alex-Galchenyuk-Jersey all

When Jets safety Antonio Allen intercepted a Tom Brady pass and returned it 23 yards for a touchdown Sunday, Anthony Willis could hear the roar of the officialhockeycanadiens.com/Authentic-Brandon-Prust-Jersey football crowd. But Willis couldn see the play he was out in the MetLife Stadium parking lot, alone with the sea gulls, sifting through plastic trash bags purposely left by fans.

A little later, as Nick Folk kicked a 42 yard field goal to help the Jets win in overtime, Francisco Gomez was in the stadium, but he didn see the kick. Gomez was busy inside a trash room off Concourse One, where Brandon Prust S Jersey he manned a bright orange baling machine and picked through an open plastic trash bag, pulling out bottles, cans and other recyclables.

Willis and Gomez were part of a small army of about 250 people who worked Sunday night and into Monday to clean the stands, the 220 stadium suites, the club sections, the locker rooms, all the glass windows and the parking lots managing in less than 24 hours to finish a task that normally takes three days.

The Alex Galchenyuk S Jersey MetLife Stadium cleaning crew worked so quickly because, just 20 hours after the last green garbed Jets fans had departed, hordes of blue clad Giants fans started to descend on the same parking lots and suites and stadium seats to watch the Giants play the Vikings on Monday night.

And despite the tight turnaround shortened even more because the Jets game went into overtime the tons of trash and food left by Jets fans was still carefully separated and sorted, by hand, to reduce what would end up in a landfill. In fact, more than half of garbage and construction debris generated at MetLife Stadium each year now gets pulled out of the waste stream and either recycled or composted making it one of the nation more environmentally sustainable arenas.

Today, the cleaning crews will be back, separating the crushed hot dog buns and paper Pepsi cups (compostables) from the beer bottles and cans (recyclables) left on Monday night.

many of us it a competition with other stadiums that have environmental programs in place, said Dave Duernberger, the stadium vice president of facility operations. is driven by what goes on behind the scenes how staff collects and separates. challenge for that staff: birds. Starlings and pigeons love to roost in the stadium open steel beams, and bird droppings require more frequent power washing. To reduce the use of water, stadium officials tried installing fake owls to scare the birds. days the starlings were nesting on the owl heads, said Henry Rzemieniewski, the cleaning operations manager.

Then they brought in a falconer, who released his trained falcon to fly around the stadium and scare the birds away. But a native wild Meadowlands falcon appeared, attacked the falconer bird and killed it.

Finally, the stadium installed fine mesh netting high in the exterior rafters barely visible to fans, but so far a success at keeping the birds from their favorite roosts, and reducing water used for power washing.
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