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Animal Reference for Artists 
By rhinohouse on Oct 22, 2003 06:33 AM
The Animal Motion Show Vol.1


Hey there fellow artists, this DVD is jammed packed with animal Motion, Behavior, and Visuals.
As artists we're always looking for that perfect reference material. Guess What! This DVD is filled to the brim with handpicked animal video clips and photos! Have you ever wanted to know how apes move? Kangaroos walk? Ostriches fight? Not only did we provide over 2000 video clips and photos, but we went ahead and broke the movements down into 4 Study modes: Film Strip, Grid, Slomo, and Normal. Want to know more?  

Here's how we categorized this monster. There are three main channels: Locomotion, Behavior, and Visuals. The Locomotion section is divided into: walk, trot, run, hop, jump, climb, etc. They in turn are subdivided further into different angles and versions. Plus, if you want to compare two distinct gaits, the split-screen comparison is available.  

Our Behavior section is an excellent way to explore their natural and quirky behaviors. Watch them Eat nuts, Wrestle, Scratch, Sniff, Yawn, Clean each other, and much much more! If that's not enough, learn more tidbits about these interesting creatures in the 'Facts' pages.  

The Visual section is made up of two parts: Video and Photo. They both contain textures, turnarounds, and close-ups! What do these animals look like from different angles? How do their eyes, toes, or fur look like up close? It's all jammed packed in this show!  

We also included a BONUS disk with 20 additional animals for your viewing enjoyment.  

Wolf - Fox - Cheetah - Puma - Jaguar - Ocelot - Lynx - Lemur - Ringtail Colobus monkey - Prairie dog - Yellow baboon - Bear - Wolverine - Ferret Alligator - Tortoise - Snake - Coyote - Anteater

For more info visit www.rhinohouse.com
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