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Disk Granulator Breakthroughs Itself

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Disk Granulator Breakthroughs Itself 
By dongfang on Mar 21, 2014 06:08 AM
The improvement of disk granulator has a very close relationship with the economic development. <h2>bauxite mining process in australia</h2>Faced serious challenges in energy and environment, guided by comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific outlook on development, China recently formulates medium and long term of development strategy and development plan for energy science and technology in 2020. The formulation of this development strategy for energy and environment also provides direction for the development of Chinese disk granulator technology, and exploring new development path of disk granulator technology is imperative.
Due to constant market expansion, the demands of customers for equipment are also constantly increasing, so that disk grain making machine manufacturing companies have to realize volume production to meet the customers’ need. Relying on high product quality and outstanding crushing effect, <h2>philippines chromite mining process</h2>Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. constantly wins new market, expands the sales space and constantly researches and develops new equipment and new technology in the mining equipment industry to satisfy the constant changes of production needs of customers. Hongxing disk grain making machine also wins the support and trust of customers relying on its outstanding performance.
At present, the disk granulators in Europe, America and Japan are mainly dominated by the models with high technical content and high added value such as precision disk granulator and large disk grain making machine. After many years of technical introduction and technical innovation, <h2>quartz crusher for sale in india</h2>the manufacturing level of China in the low-end disk grain making machine field has reached developed countries, plus the advantage of labor force in price, the export of Chinese low-end disk granulator occupies half the global market.
The experts point out that when exploring the new development path for disk granulator technology, we must take a comprehensive consideration on energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality to get comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. We should take on the resource-saving development path and change the single-extensive disk granulator to integrated-intellectual disk granulator. In addition, we should carry out not only fundamental reform on the technology of disk grain making machine, but comprehensive and multi-level reform on the energy-saving technology. From the point of view of the government, it should build and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industrial measurement for the disk grain making equipment, set up micro regulation and market regulatory mechanism to accelerate the upgrading and updating and disk grain making machine technology.
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