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small large paintings on y

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small large paintings on y 
By lluggg498 on Mar 20, 2014 05:35 AM
Origami Picture Frame (Advanced)

Imagine a 13 x 19 piece of paper with a nice photo or piece of artwork printed in the center. I want to use some sort of tessellation origami or something you all suggest to then fold the frame. The whole piece can then be hung as a painting/piece of art. Heck the art in the center could also be a tessellated piece but thats another issue. Any components anyone can suggest (with a link) taht could be done at each corner perhaps that would then allow the edges to fold into the sides of the frame would be great. Just kinda whip it up for me. Thanks.

Frustrated with how to organize your jewelry? Why not make your own jewelry organizer! In this episode, learn how to make a frame to transform an ordinary picture frame into a DIY jewelry organizer, using easy to find materials and simple tools. You will be able to store your jewelry on the wall, out of sight, while at the same time displaying a beautiful photo. Having decorative Marian Hossa 3XL Jersey items like this DIY jewelry holder that also function as storage is perfect for small space decorating.

Video: .

Click on the link below for a complete resource guide, including materials, tools and supplies needed to.

Looking for unique picture frames? Learn how to make a shadowbox picture frame in this free video series about professional picture framing.

Part 1 of 13 How to Use shadowboxes in picture framing.

Use shadowboxes in picture framing Part 2 of 13.

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Looking for a unique picture frame? Learn all about decorative picture frames including rustic frames, veneer frames, ornate and dark wood frames and more in this free video series about professionally framing pictures.

Part 1 of 27 How to Learn the types of decorative picture frames.

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Great gift for all occasions. Learn how to make a personalized picture frame with cardboard and beads in this free home crafts video on making a great gift for friends and family.

Part 1 of 15 How to Make a personalized picture frame.

Make a personalized picture frame Part 2 of 15.

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a serving tray from a picture frame. First, grab a picture frame in a larger size that comes with glass on it and a backing. From here, you will grab some scrapbooking paper or another type of paper and cut it to size to fit on the background of your paper. Then, find two handles that you have and screw these onto the sides of the picture frame. After this, glue your favorite pictures onto the paper and then let it dry. When finished, stick this under the glass on the frame and then lay on the backing to finish!.

I bet you can wait to hang that beautiful painting you just ran across. But before you try to hang it and damage your wall take a point from Barbara K. In this video she will demonstrate exactly how to hang small large paintings on your wall.

Are you interested in creating an antique look for picture frames in your home? Learn how to make picture frames look old from Jonathan Toews S Jersey a professional artist in this free crafts video series.
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