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What is the Production Way of Mini Impact Crusher

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What is the Production Way of Mini Impact Crusher 
By heiha on Mar 20, 2014 03:47 AM
With the advancement of science and technology, the application of artificial aggregates in the hydropower projects is increasingly wide and vertical shaft mini impact crusher has become the crucial equipment in the artificial aggregate sand making system. The selection of the production method of sand making machine is an important issue which will be introduced in the following passage.

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The production method of vertical shaft mini impact crusher can be divided into two types: closed-circular production and open-circular production, which can be subdivided into wet type, dry type and semi-dry type.

(1) Selection of circulation

The result of vertical shaft sand making test, the sand productivity in closed-circular production is reduced and the energy consumption increases. There are two reasons causing this: first, after being primarily crushed, the ores with many edges will become smooth and evasive and solid after many times of hitting and friction; second, the returned 2.5~5mm particles are small mobile crusher price, so that it needs higher kinetic energy for further crushing. For this reason, it is suitable for vertical mini impact crusher to adopt open-circular production method. Feed all the 5~40mm gravel into the sand making machine, which can not only improve the sand productivity and reduce the energy consumption, but reduce the repeated classification of the previous crushing process and reduce the screening equipment such as vibrating screen. Of course, when the sand production capacity is low, we can use part second-circulation for sand making, but vertical sand crusher with high linear speed is suitable.

(2) Selection of dry and wet type production

The dry type production has high sand productivity but serious dust pollution. The wet type and semi-dry type production has low sand productivity, and the dust is easy to be controlled. What needs to be stated is that due to the special structure of the vertical shaft mini impact crusher, the crushing chamber can form internal circular airflow, for this reason, even if the dry type production method is used, the dust amount is low, and the pollution is mainly produced by other crushing room, screening room and the material transportation points.

As a result, the selection of dry type and wet type production method should be considered by taking everything into account. When the system size is small, dry type production method can be used, and as for the main sources of dust, we can adopt water spraying or closed ventilation machinery for dust collection.
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