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What is the Metal balance in Mining Industry

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What is the Metal balance in Mining Industry 
By heiha on Mar 20, 2014 03:42 AM
In the iron ore beneficiation production grinding mill, there is a equilibrium relationship between the metal content of the raw ores that come into the factory and that of the final products that leave the factory, which is called metal balance. The importance and meaning of metal balance in ore beneficiation are introduced here.

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When analyzing the work of ore beneficiation plant, the calculation of metal balance is very important. In the practice, metal balance can be divided into technical metal balance and commercial metal balance. Technical metal balance is organized according to the chemical analysis of ores and ore beneficiation product and the weight of ores. As it is compiled according to the sampling materials of products in some stage of the technical process, technical balance can reflect the actual condition of the ore beneficiation process. Seen from the point of view of technical process examination, technical balance is the dynamic reflection of the technical process. For this reason, revising the technical process and finding out the imbalance reasons should be carried out according to the materials of technical balance. Commercial metal balance is compiled according to the weight and chemical analysis of all the ore beneficiation products and commodities including raw ore and concentrate got in the actual dressing process and the mechanical loss, for this reason, commercial balance reflects the actual production condition of the whole plant.

Seen from the above-mentioned analysis, the principle difference of the two balances lies in that technical balance rules out the mechanical loss of the products in different ore dressing stages, for this reason, technical recovery is usually higher than commercial recovery. Only in ideal conditions, commercial balance recovery is basically close to technical balance recovery. Technical recovery is sometimes called ideal recovery and commercial recovery is also called actual recovery. Analyzing their different can help to find out the abnormality in the disposal process of ores and the reasons for metal loss. Their inharmonious degree between them reflects the technical level and production and management level of the mining machinery company.
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