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Please join us for the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show

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Please join us for the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show 
By gt0398b on Apr 19, 2003 06:36 PM
Please join us for the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show
Atlanta, GA
August 29 Sept. 1, 2003


We would like to cordially invite you to be a part of the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show. The Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show is a very large

and diverse event. It is a very active and exciting function. Art is all about capturing new ideas in one form or another. It's

about doing something none has ever done before. One of our goals is to make every attendee that visits the art show say "WOW, I

never thought of that before!"  Here's another point. Art is the beginning of many of the creations you as a sci-fi, fantasy,

horror, space fan have come to love and cherish over the years. Many of the game developers, writers, movie directors and other

creators were in one way or another inspired by the type of art work we have in our art show. Your active participation in the

art show helps to start a new wave of creativity for future works.

DIGITAL ART Department: To present art in all it's native forms, we created the Digital Art department. Digital art has

literally exploded in recent years. And, unlike most traditional mediums, digital art can look like almost any other medium so

most people aren't even aware of the digital nature of the art they are currently enjoying in their every day life. This new

medium is so pervasive, in fact, that much of the artwork in movies, on book covers, and on TV., is digital! In the Dragon*Con

Digital art Department artwork can be animation as well as still artwork. At the show, computer stations will be located in the

main Art Show ballroom. Some of these stations will carry work that can be purchased via print, and one station will just show

"display only" work. We will have catalogs next to the display computers so attendees can browse through the work that can be

purchased. If an attendee wants to purchase a print of one of the images in the show, they can have it printed "on demand," by

an on-site, professional printer and even have a selection of not only image size, but print type: watercolor paper base, or

canvas in either loose or stretch frame-mounted form. (Stretched frame-mounted--Not to be confused with 'framed' the canvas is

stretched on a frame and stapled taught, as opposed to framed with glass and ready to hang.)

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