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Christmas Gifts Under 15 Dollars

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Christmas Gifts Under 15 Dollars 
By jordansys on Mar 19, 2014 06:01 AM
Great Christmas www.warriorsteamproshop.com/stephen_curry_jersey.html Gifts Under 15 Dollars

If you are buying Christmas gifts on a budget forget about the gift card. Gift cards when given are expected to be $25 and upwards in most cases. Anything under $20 should not be put on a gift card unless it is being given to a child. It is hard to find anything under $15 so think "outside the box". You can even buy a football or a basketball for $15 anymore. Unless you find some amazing deals on "black Friday" (day after Thanksgiving) then you should start looking now for cheap gifts. Here are 5 Christmas gift ideas under $15: 5. Sports licensed mugs/glasses There is something special about Tim Hardaway Authentic Jersey having a beer mug with your favorite sports team on it. I only drink out of my Tigers or Bradley university coffee mugs, my Detroit Lions souvenir cups, and my Michigan State beer mug on game days. If you know a graduate of a school or a fan of a professional sports team, a cup or mug is a great inexpensive idea. Nearly every mall has a sports shop that carry's random merchandise like pennants, hats, and of course cups and mugs.

4. Photo Shop Gifts Make a personalized gift using digital photos. Go to almost any kiosk in a Walgreens, Walmart, Meijer, etc. and you should find a photo machine where you can load photos, correct blemishes, print them out and even create products with, them many being under $15. When your going for a cheap present it never hurts to go sentimental and pick photographs that have you and that special someone both in it. A blown up picture in a creative frame always makes a great cheap gift that also shows you care.

3. Boardgames You would be surprised at how many board games you can find at a Walmart under $15.00! Sorry, Trouble, Hungry Hippos, Jenga, Battleship, Stephen Curry Authentic Jersey Clue Reinvention (new version of clue), and Risk Reinvention are all under $15.00. There are also many card games such as Uno, and dice games like Yahtzee that make a great cheap gift and are very inexpensive.

2. Cheap Jewelry Most jewelry both men's and women's can http://www.warriorsteamproshop.com/tim_hardaway_jersey.html be found relatively inexpensive. Belly button rings, earrings, necklaces, mood rings, and other small pieces of cheap jewelry can be found very cheap. A suggestion for baseball fans are the Baseball Seam Bracelets. These have made bracelets for guys cool again. There are also basketball and football bracelets that use a similar idea and are licensed and have a specific team name on them. These bracelets retail from around $9.99.

1. Alcohol The best and possible most given under $15 gift for those over 21 of course. Try a bottle of Yellow Tail Wine (usually around $9), or a six pack of Fat Tire beer. If you are lucky enough to have a World Market store in your area then go and see the wide variety and pick out a few different cheap wines and beer from different places. Shopping at a UFS store in Illinois I was able to get two bottles of wine and a six pack of beer all for 14.75. A bottle of wine for the Holidays is a very nice and cheap gift. Also around Christmas many manufacturers come out with gift sets like a Crown Royal pint with two nice glasses. This is also a good gift because you might be able to share the gift with the person you bought it for.

Two alternate ideas:

Bag Full of Dollar Store Items Have you been to the Dollar Tree lately or any other dollar store? You will be amazed at the selection of products you can find.
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