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To Ask A Christian 
By jordansys on Mar 19, 2014 06:00 AM
40 Questions To Ask A Christian

Asking Difficult QuestionsWhen atheists engage in debates with Christians, the two sides invariably exchange insults before becoming even more militant than they previously were. Neither party intends to strengthen the resolve of the other, though both sides usually manage to sooth their egos in the process.

Asking a difficult question can achieve better results because it taps into the Christian's desire to share the wisdom they perceive themselves to have. Any reflex for angry disagreement is quashed and replaced by an obligation to think their answer through. Ultimately, thought is what an atheist should be trying to elicit. By asking the right questions, one can determine the direction that such thought takes.

If a hundred different religions have to be wrong for yours to be right, does this show that people from all over the world like to invent gods that don't exist?

If your parents had belonged to a different religion, do you think you would belong to that religion too?

If people from the five major religions are each told conflicting information by their respective gods, should any of them be believed?When an atheist is kind and charitable out of the kindness of his heart, is his behavior more or less commendable than a religious man who does it because God instructed him to?

If you are against the Crusades and the Inquisition, would you have been burned alive as a heretic during those events?

If your interpretation of a holy book causes you to condemn your ancestors for having a different interpretation, will your descendants condemn you in the same way?

Rape wasn't always a crime in the Middle East two thousand years ago. Is that why do not rape' is not part of the Ten Commandments?

Do lions need god given' morality to understand how to care for their young, co operate within a pack, or feel anguish at the loss of a companion? Why do we?

If organized religion requires a civilization in which to spread, how could this civilization exist without first having a moral code to make us civil?

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An all knowing God can read your mind, so why does he require you to demonstrate your faith by worshiping him?

If God is all knowing, why do holy books describe him as surprised or angered http://www.warriorsteamproshop.com/chris_mullin_jersey.html by the actions of humans? He should have known what was going to happen.

An all knowing God knows who will ultimately reject him. Why does God create people who he knows will end Chris Mullin Blue Jersey up in hell?

If God is all knowing, then why did he make humans in the knowledge that he'd eventually have to send Jesus to his death?

Why did a supposedly omnipotent god take six days to create the universe, and why did he require rest on the seventh day?

Is omnipotence necessary to create our universe when a larger, denser universe would have required more power?

Why are Churches filled with riches when Jesus asked his followers to give their wealth away?

While in the desert, Jesus rejected the temptations of the Devil. He didn't censor or kill the Devil, so why are Christians so in favor of censoring many Earthly temptations?

Given that the story of Noah's Ark was copied almost word for word from the much older Sumerian Epic of Atrahasis, does this mean that our true ruler is the supreme sky god, Anu?If your desire is to convert atheists so that they become more like you; do you think that you're currently better than them?

If religious people don't respect their children's right to pick their own religion at a time when they're able to make that decision, how can society expect religious people to respect anyone's right to freedom of religion?

If missionaries from your religion should be sent to convert people in other countries, should missionaries from other religions be sent to your country?

If children are likely to believe Andrew Bogut Authentic Jersey in Santa Claus and fairies, does this explain why religion has been taught in schools for thousands of years?

When preachers and prophets claim to be special messengers of God, they often receive special benefits from their followers. Does this ever cause you to doubt their intentions?
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