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Comic book artist John Byrne shows his 3D art

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Comic book artist John Byrne shows his 3D art 
By BJacks on Feb 18, 2003 04:39 AM

In an in-depth exclusive, Slush reveals John Byrne's 3D-rendered computer artwork WITH running commentary from the renown artist himself.

While John Byrne is known as a master of the pencil, lesser known is his extraordinary talent with the computer. Using such tools as Strata3D, John Byrne has been on the forefront of computer art, having garnered both acclaim and awards for his ability to create and blend life-like computer art with traditional penciling.

See John's comicbook-themed art, including 3D renderings of The Avengers, Green Lantern, Batman, Silver Surfer, Superman, as well as images from the world of science fiction. Read along as John Byrne talks about the background of the art, as well as what tools were used and other bits of entertaining, and informative, information.

Trust us, this is good stuff.

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