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com Guide to the Ancient Norse 
By rairjersey on Mar 11, 2014 04:32 AM
com Guide to the Ancient Norse

Viking history traditionally begins in northern Europe with the first Scandinavian raid on England, in AD 793, and ends with the death of Harald Hardrada in 1066, in a failed attempt to attain the English throne. During those 250 years, the political and religious structure of northern Europe was changed irrevocably. Some of that change can be directly attributed to the actions of the Vikings, and/or the response to Viking imperialism, and some of it cannot.

See the entry on Who were the Vikings

Beginning in the 8th century AD, the Vikings began expanding out of Scandinavia, first as raids and then as imperialistic settlements into a wide swath of places from Russia to the North American continent.

The reasons for the Viking expansion outside of Scandinavia are debated among scholars. Reasons suggested include population pressure, political pressure, and personal enrichment. The Vikings could never have begun raiding or indeed settling beyond Scandinavia if they had not developed highly effective boat building and navigation skills; skills that were in evidence by www.cheapsunglassesstore.co.uk/ray-ban-sunglasses35/ray-ban-302548 the 4th century AD. At the time of the expansion, the Scandinavian countries were each experiencing a centralization of power, with fierce competition.

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The Viking economic pattern was a combination of pastoralism, long distance trade and piracy. The type of pastoralism used by the Vikings www.cheapsunglassesstore.co.uk/ray-ban-sunglasses35/ray-ban-345949 was called landn and although it was a successful strategy in the Faroe Islands, it failed miserably in Greenland and Ireland, where the thin soils and climate change led to desperate circumstances.

Read more specific details about Viking economies

Read about the Eastern Settlement Cheap Ray Ban 3459 in Greenland

The Viking trade system, supplemented by piracy, on the other hand, was extremely successful. While conducting raids on various peoples throughout Europe and western Asia, the Vikings obtained untold amounts of silver ingots, personal items and other booty, and buried them in hoards.

Iceland: Hofsta Reykjavik, Reykholt, Steinbogi, Selhagi, Hr Greenland: Brattahlid, Gardar, Tasiusaq, Sandhavn, Hvalsey, all in the Eastern Settlement; Western Settlement
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