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I have no idea where to start with this rant

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I have no idea where to start with this rant 
By rairjersey on Mar 11, 2014 04:30 AM
Daunte http://www.pacersteamshop.com/george_hill_jersey.html Culpepper

Seriously, I have no idea where to start with this rant. Viking fans have always been a bit delusional; they have to be to be fans of a team that has given them the holding the football for Charlie Brown treatment more often than Lucy herself gave it to Charlie Brown.

But that delusion got turbo charged once the sold they souls on that whole Brett Favre affair. Make no mistake, it is the Favre thing that took the Vi queens from Whatever to hope every Viking fan gets sodomized by a syphilitic, eight penised, laser breathing space demon. it, you Purple Failure Eaters, The Brett Favre episode turned you into the whiniest fans ever. If you doubt that, all you have to do is refer back to the precious few days after the NFC Championship loss to the New Orleans Saints. You chose to ignore the fact your team committed five turnovers, www.pacersteamshop.com/george_hill_jersey.html you chose to ignore the fact that had it not been for those five turnovers you would have won by at least two touchdowns, and you chose to ignore that your offensive line sucked so bad that your quarterback, the sainted King Brett I, got his ass handed to him so badly that he panicked his way into that final deal killing interception.

Instead of accepting the reality that you clearly didn deserve to win, instead you claimed the Saints dirty and refused to accept the legitimacy of the Saints victory.

This exemplifies the fundamental lesson to which Viking fans have been oblivious for a half century: Whining stands in the way of winning. Quit bitching about how the referees screwed you, quit bitching about how the other team cheated, and quit bitching about all the other small change bullshit you point out rather than accept that your football team has never made the jump from good to great. In fact, the Vikings don even know the difference, let alone being able to make that last step.

The Favre episode was just the purest distillation of the Minnesota Viking credo: don bother to improve your team, rather just make a bunch of excuses. Face another thing, there a reason why the following list exists:

0 4 Super Bowl record pacersteamshop.com/lance_stephenson_jersey.html

No Super Bowl Appearance since 1977

4 NFC Championship Game losses since the last Super Bowl appearance

The Love Boat on Lake Minnetonka

While those things are in the past, they are just the mile markers on the road the Vikings are still on. Sunday night drubbing at the hands of the exceptionally tepid Chicago Bears proves that. By benching a quarterback they never should have signed in the first place, the Vikings are admitting they made yet another mistake.

There an old cliche from the world of literature that those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it. http://www.pacersteamshop.com/lance_stephenson_jersey.html That should be the mantra of the Minnesota Vikings. With what has happened since the last Super bowl appearance in 1977, it is clear the Vikings do not understand the importance of the quarterback position. And now it continues with Christian Ponder.

Look at this list of the guys who have gotten under center for the Vikings since then (number of games started in parentheses).
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