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Woman found in Mexico reveals new

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Woman found in Mexico reveals new  
By cairjersey on Mar 08, 2014 07:55 AM
Woman found in Mexico reveals new information about her disappearance Kids Luis Scola Jersey

WAUSAU, Wis. (WEAU) The Wausau woman found living in Mexico after disappearing almost a decade ago is revealing new information to police about how she http://www.eaglewoodfolk.com/locatio thinks she got there.

Wausau Police say Connie McCallister now says that she was drugged and taken to the country against her will. Officers say the FBI is involved in the case as family members work to bring the now 26 year old and her three children back to the United States.

Police say she didn't tell them until Thursday that she Kids Paul George Jersey was drugged at a party in Milwaukee back in 2004 and says that's how she ended up in Mexico. McCallister did not offer police a reason for why she failed to mention that when she talked with investigators back in September.

McCallister's family says they're hoping to have her back by Thanksgiving or Christmas.____________________

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAUSAU POLICE DEPARTMENT NEWS RELEASE) Connie McCallister was a woman who lived in Wausau, and police believe in 2004 she left Wausau with her boyfriend. At the time she left Wausau she was 16 years of age.

We believe she left with her boyfriend, because Cindy McCallister, Connie's mother, told police she had talked with Connie and her boyfriend Freddie Ruiz, a few days after Connie and him had left town. Connie and Freddie both told her mother they were fine, and were not going to tell mom where they were. Mom indicated in original statements to the police, that Connie and Freddie were probably trying to flee to Mexico.

For the past several years Wausau Police have heard rumors that Connie McCallister was in Mexico, was married, and had three children with her husband, who was not the boyfriend she left with. The Wausau Police Department was able to make contact with Connie McCallister through the Missionary. We Skyped with her in September and verified it was Connie. She indicated she was okay and living with her husband and three children in Mexico. but needed identification and identification for her children.

Because Connie McCallister was now an adult and living voluntarily http://www.officialindianapacers.com/WOMENS-PAUL-GEORGE-JERSEY.html in Mexico the police removed her from the missing person records, NCIC, and NCMEC.

This week the Wausau Police Department was made aware of a fundraiser that will take place at Trinity Church in Athens, WI. We were told that the fliers being passed out articulated that Connie McCallister had been kidnapped, drugged, and abused while in Mexico with her first husband. This was not information Connie related to law enforcement when we talked to her in September of this year.

On Wednesday November 6, 2013, we again contacted Connie McCallister in Mexico. We asked her about the information being reported that she was kidnapped, drugged, and taken to Mexico without her consent.

Connie told officers that in 2004 she left Wausau voluntarily with Freddie and ended up at a party somewhere in the Milwaukee/Chicago area. She said while she was at the party she thinks someone may have drugged her as the next day she woke up in Mexico. Connie offered no http://www.officialindianapacers.com/WOMENS-LUIS-SCOLA-JERSEY.html explanation why she did not tell us this several months ago when we Skyped with her.

After we talked with Connie, we contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and provided them this information.
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