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Which quarterback has t 
By cairjersey on Mar 08, 2014 07:55 AM
Which quarterback has the record for the longest thrownot just pass and in practice or game

There was an event called the NFL QB challenge which ran until 2007. One of the events was the long distance throw. Vinny Testaverde threw the ball 80 yards WITH a stong wind aiding his throw. That was THE RECORD. It would take double the force to throw it 100 yds. It has never happened. It will never happen. If you think scrawny ass bradshaw or namath did it you are sorely mistaken. Jamarcus Russell has the strongest arm right now and maybe he could throw http://www.officialindianapacers.com/WOMENS-EVAN-TURNER-JERSEY.html 80. I will guarantee you that noone will ever throw a regulation football 85 yds without the wind.

Man the shit is deep . Amazing how people can tell such crap as if they really witnessed it . It is bad enough to tell it as hear say . I HAVE NEVER HEARD NOR ACTUALLY SEEN THESE 80 + YARD PASSES EITHER , NOT EVEN THE TESTAVERDE QB CHALLENGE . Funny how much arm strength it takes to throw a baseball 300 feet.

I am 43, an ex Div 3 baseball player, haven't thrown a football much but I have been practicing on a field. I can throw it 65 yards overhand. http://www.eaglewoodfolk.com/contacts But underhand I can throw it over 50 and 40 yards on a straight line.

Let's start a competition in the USA, under 40, over 40 years of age.

LONG http://www.officialindianapacers.com/WOMENS-DAVID-WEST-JERSEY.html DISTANCE FOOTBALL THROW COMPETITION. Overhand and underhand, and two age groups.

Extra category, fastest clocked speed in each category get's prize.

I will put in 5 grand out of my own pocket.

We will Kids David West Jersey solicit sponsors and donations.

Who can help me Kids Evan Turner Jersey get his launched?

Where's our ex punt and pass competition NFL players like Jim Kelly or

What is the longest throw of a football, not during a game, just for distance? Has anyone thrown it the length of the field?
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