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Market Abuse and Customer Appreciation

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Market Abuse and Customer Appreciation 
By earjerseyqq137 on Mar 08, 2014 05:09 AM
Market Abuse and Customer Appreciation

Anyway, I was looking at photos from last year's opening day and laughing to myself here. Every year at the first few markets I hear Staten Islanders complain, "I came all the way from the South Shore and there's nothing here!" or "What's the big http://www.officialindianapacers.com/WOMENS-REGGIE-MILLER-JERSEY.html deal? There are only a few stands."

I think people come expecting a full blown supermarket. As Miriam, the market manager points out, "The food comes to the market when it's ready from the ground." Sometimes the stuff comes in limited supply. And Staten Islanders don't mince words when expressing their displeasure.

Two years ago, Reggie Miller L Jersey for instance, I watched a woman buying apples get nuts after learning that they were harvested in the fall. She threw the apples at the guy from Red Jacket Roy Hibbert 5X Jersey and yelled, "I'm not buying old apples!" Actually they looked very nice and seemed to be wellpreserved despite not being treated with wax or any chemicals.

There was a guy who threw a tantrum one year when Rabbit Run ran out of eggs. It was pretty awful to see someone get so incredibly angry toward Dan and Laurie like that. It's just not that kind of environment where you'd see tempers flare, if you know what I mean.

As Food Editor, I am going to do something in the paper on the market every single week not just on blogs. Restaurateurs who show up there unsolicited will be rewarded with press coverage. We will get our Staten Island chefs shopping here one way or another! At the moment, Laurent Chavenet of Chez Laurent/Bonjour Bakery is the only dude that's there week after week. It's quite sad that the only way borough restaurateurs show up there is when the Advance does a feature on them shopping. I would like to see this change.

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