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VISUAL EFFETCS SITE drawing photoshop plugins

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VISUAL EFFETCS SITE drawing photoshop plugins 
By mikelima on Mar 27, 2001 02:02 PM
I am an visual effects artist living in Portugal and I have lauched a site at
dedicated to visual effects, computer graphics, design, illustration, graphical and visual
arts and all the stuff.

I have closed a partnership with AutoFX, Alien Skin and AV BROS, so we are lauching 5 plugins for photoshop each month, the first drawing at April 20th, 2001.  We will lauch two
Eye Candy 4000 (box, cd and manuals, yes, a full version), one AutoFX Photographics Edges 10K (downloadable + registration code version), one AV BROS Page Curl (Downloadable + registration code version) and one AV BROS Page Turn (downloadable + registration code)

To be elegible you must register on the site.

We have tutorials for photoshop, maya, alias, inferno, max and so one.

The site is at this initiall phase written in Portuguese only, but those who donīt know this language can visit the site and/or contact me at  (mikelimax@yahoo.com) to join our gallery to expose your jobs, or to write something for the site and see your texts in another language.  I will give for credits and space for portfolio on the gallery.

Eric Hanson, artist responsable for visual effects on Cast Away, Fifth Element, Mission to Mars, Fantasia and other cool movies have joined and are greeting us on the gallery and also allow us to translate his tutorials!

I envite everybody to visit and join tasks.

c ya.


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