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ZBrush 1.1 released

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ZBrush 1.1 released 
By admin on Dec 28, 2000 01:55 PM

MacWorld EXPO Booth #548. San Francisco, Calif., January 9-12, 2001
Los Angeles, Calif., December 1, 2000 - Pixologic today announced its unveiling of ZBrush™ version 1.1 for both the PC and Macintosh on January 9, 2001. ZBrush™ is an award-winning application offering a dynamic and integrated digital imagery workflow solution for creative professionals. Built on a stable foundation, this painting application offers the best of both 2D and 3D within one innovative environment maximizing productivity and creativity.

"There are many people who possess the talent to create beautiful art, but are having a difficult time fulfilling their creativity with traditional methods," says Ofer Alon, CTO, visionary and founder of Pixologic, "ZBrush™ is the tool that will enable users to realize their creativity without requiring them to be engineers, or by forcing them to spend long hours pushing pixels. Artists will be able create stunning art with ZBrush™ and will have fun in the process. By doing so, ZBrush™ will allow people to be truly impressed... not by the power of the computer or software, but rather, by the power of their imagination and creativity."

ZBrush™ is built on a fast, powerful and stable rendering engine and offers a dynamic and intuitive interface in which to navigate quickly and easily. Based on unique "Pixol" Rendering technology, ZBrush™ allows an artist to paint an image with depth and push/pull sections, create and move lights, change the materials and apply both 2D and 3D effects in one integrated, real-time workspace. Peter Braccio, chair of The Studio at SIGGRAPH 2000 said ZBrush™ "allowed our 2D users to cross the line in the third dimension (and vice-versa)."

ZBrush™ renders 3D geometry, materials and textures in real time, producing instant feedback without the need for graphic accelerators. "That's fast real-time, not near real-time," said Mark Snoswell, contributing writer for Design Graphics magazine. Artists can sculpt and paint quickly and intuitively, employing a variety of powerful functions.

Feature Sweep
· Painting Application with 3D Rendering Engine
· Sculpt and Paint 3D Geometry in Real-time
· Sculpt and Paint 2.5D Canvas in Real-time
· Depth-enabled Brushes
· 2D/3D Export/Import
· 3D Masking
· Customizable Lights & Material Properties
· Interactive Z Graph technology       · Layers
· 3D Texture Grab
· 3D Picker
· 3D Deformations
· Customizable Interface
· Image Adjustment
· 3D Markers
· Integrated ZMovie© Panel

A powerful Renderer calculates shadows, reflectivity and environment settings such as Depth of Field, Fog, etc. Edit 3D geometry with a variety of intuitive sculpting features and an extensive Deformation tool set. Apply varying degrees of Color (Red, Green, Blue) and/or Material (chrome, plastic, wood, reptile skin, etc.) to geometry (3D) and/or an image with depth (2.5D). Load/Save, Import/Export and/or create from scratch real 3D objects and texture them with UV coordinates intact. Depth-enabled brushes such as the 'Snake' allow the canvas to literally be pulled out in the shape of an artist's mouse movement. User-Definable Alpha provides Brush Tip control, paint application and 3D masking. Dynamic brushes such as Bump, Intensity, Contrast, Glow, Layer, Clone, etc. allow creation of, addition to and enhancement of high quality images. The MRGBZGrabber allows capturing of Color, Depth and/or Material from the canvas. Numerical and freeform 3D Masking can be created by simple paint or "Drag Alpha" to define masked area within canvas or 3D object. Real-time user-editable Lights based on surface attributes are rendered in conjunction with a load/save/editable 3D Material library. Expressive Z Graph technology underpins all user-editable spline graphs. Multiple Layers offer merging, flipping and dynamic repositioning. Texture Auto-grabber captures unmasked Color and/or Material then seamlessly applies this texture to any 3D object. Drag-and-Drop Picker selects Color, Material, Depth and Orientation from the canvas. Deformation feature set includes Resize, Rotate, Twist, Noise, Bend, Spherize, Mirror, Optimize, Subdivide and many more! Customizable drag-and-drop Menu commands comprise the user-editable Floating Panel. Dynamic Open/Close Panel interface design maximizes workspace with less clutter. Image Adjustments, such as Brightness, Contrast, Red, Green and Blue Z Graphs allow an artist to non-destructively edit the image. Innovative Markers record Tool, Color, Texture, Material, Draw Mode, etc. of selected 3D object. An integrated ZMovie© panel allows artists to follow and interact with real-time tutorials.


ZBrush™ requires a minimum of 200mHz PII or PPC, G3 processor, 128MB RAM (can be Virtual Memory), 1024x768 monitor resolution set to Millions of Colors, System 8.1 or later. The following 2D image formats are supported: Photoshop .PSD, Windows Bitmap .BMP, and Macintosh PICT2 image .PICT. The following 3D image formats are supported: ZBrush™ Native ZTool .ZTL (geometry, color, texture and materials saved), Standard format .DXF (geometry saved), .OBJ format (including Geometry and UV Coordinate-intact .OBJ, Materials library .MPL and Texture file .BMP)

Pricing and Availability

ZBrush™ version 1.1 will be available online at a special introductory price of U.S. $292.50 for a limited period of time. Version 1.1 is a free upgrade to current registered users. Following the introductory offer, ZBrush™ will be available at a suggested online price of U.S. $585.00. ZBrush™ is not available in stores and can only be purchased and downloaded online (ESD format). A free downloadable Demo version is available at Pixologic's site. More information at http://www.pixologic.com.

About ZBrush™

ZBrush™ employs revolutionary smart pixels, called Pixols, to retain color, material, depth and orientation information within an image. Handling unintuitive and time-consuming calculations that would normally be done manually, Pixols free an artist to focus on experimenting and enjoying what he or she produces. With Pixols, an artist maintains total control over the amount of depth added or subtracted and can utilize differences in depth for precise image control and editing. Using a mouse or stylus pen an artist can easily create 3D primitive and freeform shapes that react to any combination of a Pixol's surface attributes. Furthermore, ZBrush™ is host to an extensive set of real-time 3D sculpting, painting, texturing and deformation tools - seamlessly integrated in one intuitive environment. With instant feedback encompassing a unique synthesis of 2D and 3D capabilities in a single stand-alone tool, ZBrush™ offers tremendous flexibility and appeals to a wide audience.

About Pixologic Incorporated

Founded in 1997, Pixologic Incorporated (http://www.pixologic.com) develops and markets innovative software products for digital artists. The privately funded company is based in Los Angeles, California, with Research and Development in Silicon Valley.

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© 2000 Pixologic, Inc. All rights reserved. Pixologic, ZBrush™ and their respective logos are registered trademarks of Pixologic Incorporated. All other logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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