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Beyond tools and into the realm of imagination

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Beyond tools and into the realm of imagination 
By on Dec 23, 2000 08:05 PM
I am announcing the opening of a gateway site into the digitaly creative: 3D, Graphics, Audio, Music,

Foley, Video, Webdesign, Proggraming and...as many as you want, for all of us who need resources and

info to create our expressions and realize our dreams.

To expand the minds of the living dead into a blossum of brillance and passion.

ZombieCzar.com needs your help!

If you have links that you would like to share for the good of the people, email them to me at

Czar@ZombieCzar.com or post them on ZombieCzar links forum.


This is a permenent url and will be updated as often as links are posted.
The site is ugly but will soon undergo a full scale rebuild. So click the link and help.

truly a tolerable fellow
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