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Daylight & Radiosity in Max 5.0

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Daylight & Radiosity in Max 5.0 
By doonie on Mar 22, 2004 04:10 PM
Can somebody help?! :)

Basically i have the following problem...

I am trying to create a basic room (in an office) quite small, about 10" x 9"... a desk, a door and a simple set of strip lights in the ceiling.

However, i need a window, and want to use the daylight system... i have setup all the materials adaquately etc, but, when i changed the exposure control (physical scale) to account for the new daylight settings,  it makes the lights too dark... ie, if i turn i make the daylight to be in late night, and rescale the exposure control again, the lights in the room are simply too dull... any help greatly appreciated, am having trouble! ;)

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Re: Daylight & Radiosity in Max 5.0 
By Bogeizog on Mar 27, 2012 12:37 PM
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