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KateMcGregor on HubPages 
By nugent03 on Jan 09, 2014 06:54 AM
KateMcGregor on HubPages

I have been teaching and working with young adults for nearly ten years. I've enjoyed the lessons I've learned about young people and what they have to offer us.

Now, as the mother of two young boys, I want to provide them with every opportunity to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

Between spending time with teenagers and raising young children, I aminterested in a variety of topics. I appreciate that Hubpages allows me to pursue them all.

The hubbers I have "met" have been supportive, wise and kind. Hubpages has been a fantastic community of which I am happy to be a part. Womens Adrian Wilson Jersey

My Content: Hubs, Answers, and Forums

3 Five Really Scary YA Novels2 years ago

Horror novels written for young adults have come a long way in recent Adrian Wilson Jersey Kids years. Long gone are the vampire and werewolf novels of the past. Murder, mystery and terror keep even the most courageous YA junkie up well.

6 Five Young Adult Novels Perfect for Valentine Day2 years ago

Valentine's brings out the romantic in all of us (okay, most of us) and is the perfect time to read a love story. Love stories come in lots of shapes and sizes, though. Here are five recommendations that are five very.

0 Best YA Realistic Fiction for Teen Boys: 20102 years ago

Many new Young Adult realistic fiction novels hit the shelves this last year. In 2010, both veteran and novice novelists turned out books written from a teen boy perspective. These novels dwell on issues that.

3 Upcoming Movies Based On Young Adult Novels: 2011 20132 years ago

The next couple of years promise an exciting line up of movies based on young adult novels, including the next installments of several series: Breaking Dawn, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 and the final part of Harry Potter and.

0 How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff: Book Review3 years ago

How I Live Now is a coming of age story set again a brutal invasion and war. Told in the voice of an angry, fifteen year old New Yorker, the story explores themes of isolation, family, love and survival. Daisy, the.

0 Once Upon a Marigold by Jean www.nflpatriotsofficialonline.com/24+Adrian+Wilson+Jersey+Cheap.html Ferris: Book Review2 years ago

Jean Ferris novel, Once Upon a Marigold (2002) is as much a modern fairy tale, as it is a plucky romance. Wholly suitable for younger tweens as it would be fun for the older set, the novel is a humorous take on.

2 Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson: Book Review3 years ago

In the summer of 1793, Philadelphia stood as the nation capitol. The same summer an infestation of Yellow Fever killed thousands of Philadelphia residents and nearly decimated the city. Laurie Halse.

1 Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson: Book Review3 years ago

Laurie Halse Anderson recent novel, Chains, is set in Revolutionary America during a time when tensions between loyalists and patriots are perilously high. Isabel, who tells the story, is a thirteen year old.

1 The Brothers Torres by Coert Voorhees: Book Review3 years ago

Coert Voorhees takes on poignant issues facing America youth in his novel The Brothers Torres (2008). The young teenage narrator, Frankie, has a lot to say about life in his small New Mexico town where everybody.

8 Just Listen by Sarah Dessen: Book Review3 years ago

Sarah Dessen writes great love stories. Just Listen is a perfect example of what Dessen does well; a predictable story of girl meets boy, girl falls for boy and girl spends the rest of the novel Adrian Wilson Youth Jersey deciding if she should.

6 Peeta is the new Edward: Hunger Games vs Twilight3 years ago

When it comes to leading YA literature men, I say out with Edward and in with Peeta. Peeta is the male protagonist in the sci fi adventure series Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and let me tell you, he is as loving and.

13 Best YA Novels for Reluctant Readers3 years ago

Two words: Engagement and Motivation. Once you find out what motivates a young person to do just about anything, you can match up a book to their interests. Once a reader engages in one book, it becomes a simple process.
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