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Grilled hamburger with crispy bacon

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Grilled hamburger with crispy bacon 
By earjerseyqq119 on Dec 28, 2013 09:18 AM
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Pickled sliced jarred jalapeno peppers as needed (approx. 1/3 1/2 cup)You'll also need to pick and chop about 1 Tbs fresh thyme leaves and peel one medium Vidalia onion. Cut it in half from top to bottom and then thinly slice it, cut side down, from top wholesale jerseys to bottom.

Take the bacon out of the pan and drain it on paper towels when it is nice and crisp and Wholesale Jerseys China pour off about 1/2 of the rendered bacon fat.

Then add the sliced onions and thyme to the pan and cook it along on medium heat until the onion is nice and soft.

Keep the burger meat cold until you're ready to head outside and then season it with salt and pepper and heat outside with the pickled jalapeno peppers, sliced cheddar cheese, the buns and a clean plate to put the cooked burgers on when they're done.

Toast the buns when the hamburgers are almost cooked through. Then, once the buns are off the grill, top the burgers with some sliced pickled jalapeno peppers and a slice of cheddar cheese. Put the lid down Wholesale NFL Jerseys to help melt the cheese and finish cooking the burgers.

You could grill the sliced Vidalia onion if you wanted to but you'd want to slice them into cheap nfl jerseys 1/2inch thick rounds instead of cutting onion in half and slicing.
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