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By brejersey on Dec 28, 2013 08:10 AM
Kitten Lounge

Snazzy Sundays Patricia Gardygajlo for Yes Jewelry

I love campaigns that either transport you completely OR are so low key that it seems to be a natural extension of your lifestyle. This was accomplished with Yes Jewelry's campaign for Spring 2014. Patricia Gardygajlo which was shot by Marcin Kempski of I Like Photo.

The campaign meshes fine jewelry with a casual apartment setting where Patrycja casually wears knits and cozy lounge gear to showcase these stunning pieces which can be layered or worn alone.

Swoonfest Saturdays Essential Accessories For The Holiday Beyond

Can you believe that the year is quickly coming to a close? I feel that the holiday time is about gifting others but lets you figure out what you would like to have for yourself. When people ask me what I have or would love to have, a lot of my ideas come from items that I already have which I know are great to have for your day to day!

Now my wishlist item is Love Alex's Ornella bag which is amazing as a large purse and has great visual texture. This is one of those bags that work well when you're running around the city or when you need to do a number of errands without having to have so many bags it's all about keeping it chic. I love that this entire brand has a number of fabulous handbags (even some of the clutches have a large chain which can double as a necklace) where when you purchase items proceeds go towards charity!

In terms of what I use from day to day that are an absolute must that I believe is great for your everyday use, I have a few items that are perfect as a gift OR as stocking stuffers. I've been a fan of Urban Decay Cosmetics for a number of year specifically their 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero which is the perfect black which lets your eyes pop with an edge of rocker chic without being too dramatic.

Outside of beauty, there are electronics that I use everyday and take with me no matter what. I love my Samsung ATIV Tablet which I received earlier this year as an Intel Tablet Crew ambassador. Although it came with Windows 8, when I joined the Office Champions program and went to Seattle for their Champions Summit, I upgraded to 8.1. This allows me to stay connected with everyone that I need to, enjoy my tablets at the touch of my finger while being able to see them side by side. As I'm always looking for inspiration, I not only take pictures on my Nokia Lumia 925 which has great quality but I use my Pentax Q10 as well whether I'm checking out window displays, visiting showrooms and working on portions of my collection. Finally, I keep everything running by my Powerocks. This is a must have charging tool as it plugs into my phone, my tablet uses it and so much more. You can charge it up and then just bring it with you. This has been such a lifesaver as you won't have to bring as many cords with you to keep things charged.

I love that these can be great gifts but can also be perfect for your day to day so that you can get work done on the go which is always an essential.

Fashionable Fridays Holiday Brunch Essentials

I love brunch on any given weekend but there is something about a brunch with your girls or friends in general that's amazing when it comes to the holiday season. When it comes to that time of year, it's all about keeping it easy and simple. What's in my bag this holiday season begins with a clutch by C Wonder which can hold everything. Then bring in your must have beauty items to ensure that you're always pulled together including: Avon's Mega Mascara, Butter London (love La Moss), Clinique's Chunkiest Chili Chubby Lip Pencil, Lypsyl Lip Balm (obsessed with this and love that there are new scents that it comes in) and Out of Africa Olive Hand Cream Shea Butter. Of course one of my new must haves is my Botkier Valentina Continental wallet which is perfect for the holiday season and of course, I can't go anywhere without my Nokia Lumia 925 which keeps me in sync with everything that I am doing! What a great series of items to enjoy yourself or to gift with others!

Trendy Thursdays Infuse Your Look in Yellow

The holidays are days away but that doesn't mean that I'm not already thinking about great looks and hues to wear at the beginning of the next year. Yellow has long been the new neutral within our wardrobe. As I've always said, you never know where outfit inspiration hits! Yesterday I was on my Instagram account and saw a lovely series of yellow bouquets by my favorite florist, Angelica Flowers Events. This is perfect to enjoy whether it's a sunny day or long grey day filled with snow or rain! Of course, thinking about this fabulous color made me think of one of my favorite diamond hues, yellow which is in a great canary hue. The Yellow Diamond or Canary Diamond is definitely a great choice and is a conversation starter to be sure. When rocking a hue of this nature as a primary statement cocktail ring within your jewelry, you have to make sure that your hands look fabulous. I've been obsessed with Lollia for quite awhile. While I was at the Romona Keveza show this past Oct, this particular fragrance, Buttercream Shea Handcreme, was apart of our goodie bag. Since then, I have taken this along with me to my trips in Seattle, Barcelona, DC and most recently in Atlanta!

I do love when you can see a color or other inspirational theme and weave it from your decor, to your accessory of choice and ultimately, your beuaty routine!

Wired Wednesdays Win A Windows Store Gift Card

As you know, I'm a Microsoft Ofiice Champions Ambassador and throughout the next few months, I will share with you a number of amazing things that are going on with programs as well as new items that are available as it pertains to Office programs. In addition, you know that I am a HUGE Windows Phone fan as well! Currently I have the Nokia Lumia 925 that keeps me connected with everything I need with a push of my Live Tiles. A few weeks ago they released a commercial about the Nokia Lumia 1020. What struck me about this commercial is I love the girlfriend talking about how she uses the phone in order to capture moments with her boyfriend. I love that this commercial showcases so many things in a quick period of time from an interracial relationship, women using technology, showing the phone in action and more. It's a great commercial.

For those that are Windows Phone users, I have a giveaway with a winner announced this Friday which allows you to use a Windows Store Giftcard for $25 to get your favorite Windows apps for your phone as well as other Windows 8.1 devices. In addition, with the holidays being around the corner, it's good to know that this could be a possible gifting option for those that are hard to gift during this holiday season.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and as I have mentioned on a number of my TV segments, the holiday season is not just a set day but incorporates a range starting from the second we're done with Thanksgiving dinner until mid/late January! With that said, there are a number of opportunities to gift as well as to recognize key days! The Lunar New Year (which is based on the phases of the moon falls on January 31, 2014) is coming up and just as we're able to buy gifts cards Will Smith Saints Jersey that allow us to focus on set holidays, Best Buy is doing this as well with a designed gift card to mark this day. This day which is celebrated by many who are Asian or Asian American which highlighs the beginning of the year as well as to the end of winter and the anticipation of spring! This holiday is celebrated in a number of countries including China, Korea, Tibet and Vietnam.

Best Buy supports events which they believe are of importance to employees, customers, and communities. The upcoming Lunar New Year is one of those important celebrations. "Don't miss your chance. Give it to win it. Daily gift card prizes up to $10,000. Buy any Best Buy gift card, $25 up, then enter for your chance to win." Ends 12/24/2013.

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Treasure Tuesdays The Versatile, Little Black Dress

Yesterday I was in Atlanta for an SMT (Satellite Media Tour) where I talked about Holiday Gifting for those last minute shoppers. From Atlanta I was linked into a number of TV, web and radio outlets that were throughout the country.

Yesterday I made my way to Atlanta as I am in the midst of a Media Tour for the Holiday Season. When I travel, I have to be comfortable and I have a major love for one portion of my closet from my collegiate days graphic tees and tanks. I still wear them when I go to the gym or in a cute way for errands and they definitely pop up when I am flying!

When I flew here, I paired my Forever 21 x Rolling Stones with my Lysse leggings. I always rock Converse but now they are the slip in/no lace kind which is great for getting in and out of the airport. I layered in two necklaces as great www.saintsonlineofficialstore.com/WOMENS-WILL-SMITH-JERSEY.html charms, a rose gold bracelet and a fabulous ring by Virgins, Saints and Angels. Interestingly enough, I tend to travel in blacks and greys but I still love to have a pop of bling which you can find in my tank.

After eating and meeting with the team I changed into an even cozier look as I am working on a number of projects. I rocked this Old Navy x Jimi Hendrix tank with a cropped yellow sweatpant. Both of these are perfect for errands, hanging at home and working out.

Miranda Kerr covers Elle China for the January 2014 issue (including an interview as well as additional images from her photoshoot). On the first cover, she wears a sparkling dress and a feathered boa. The second cover has a pleated collar with a black caplet (paired with super cute hot pants and a white blouse) which is very chic. I'm loving how there is a natural glam as well as a high power glam which has a number of great accessories included. Both images have subtle yet dynamic tones which really makes each cover look fabulous.

Swoonfest Saturdays Holiday Infused Tea

It's a crazy day today as this time tomorrow, I will be at the airport waiting for my flight to Atlanta to board. I'll be doing an SMT (Satellite Media Tour) with a number of media outlets telling them about Holiday Gifting at Tips on Mon. The day before I travel is always a bit crazy as there are a number of last minute things to do: get a mani, thread my eyebrows, pack, charge all my tech etc. So I started out this morning like I do many mornings with some tea. Since it's the weekend and it's snowing here in NYC, I decided to infuse my tea. I use a Breville One Touch Tea Maker which allows me to select the perfect setting for my teas in order to have them perfectly brewed for the appropriate temperature! In addition, I love a number of teas but am very partial to Smith Teamaker (today I used Fez which is a green tea). Both Will Smith Jersey of these can be found at Williams Sonoma. I added in Ole Smoky Moonshine in a Peach flavor to create a bit of an updated Hot Toddy! It's a great item to add to your cocktails especially during the holiday season.
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