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ruck by FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins adding 
By markjosol on Dec 18, 2013 08:36 AM
The other obvious method for advancing the ball up the pitch is kicking, whether through soccer-style short kicks or by punting the ball long distances when trapped deep in your own territory. While you control the power of a kick through a face button on your controller, you can also aim your kicks with the left control stick to ensure your kickoffs, punts, and drop goal kicks land where you want them to. The only exception is the conversion kick, essentially a two-point extra point attempt controlled by using a kick meter that should be familiar to anyone who's ever played an NFL video game.

Scrums FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins and rucks are fairly automatic affairs, though you must manually "feed" a ruck by FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins adding individual players to the pile. In a scrum, you'll drop the ball into the pile and perform a hook to gain possession, all while pushing the analog stick in the direction you wish to drive the scrum. If you keep possession of the ball, you simply then toss it to your backs and continue your way down the field, looking to either score a "try" (essentially a five-point touchdown) or make a successful drop kick through the narrow uprights to earn a three-point drop goal kick.
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