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This mb has only 3 channel

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This mb has only 3 channel  
By ugrdf001 on Dec 18, 2013 03:13 AM
This mb has only 3 channel Cheap UGGs UK (mic in, line in and sound out I think ). I have a 5.1 surround speaker (or speakers because there are 5 + woofer) and when IN WINDOWS XP I connect the plugs, even when there are only 3 channels, the utility let me change for example, mic in to rear speakers (so I can use 5.1 speakers with this mb)the problem is that in win 7, when I download the latest drivers, they are only the drivers, there is no utility (hd audio utility from realtek) so it recognizes only 3 channels, and with mic in, lin etc, so I cant use 5.1 and when I enter in the config, the option 5.1 or surround or etc are grayed outHaving only 3 channels of audio, in WIN XP I can use these channels for 5.1 (loosing mic etc because via the utility u can change the function of each plug conector in the mb) but in win 7 the utility does not exist (when I download the latest driver only the driver is downloaded) and then I cheap ugg boots uk cant even choose in options the 5.1 sound (because it does not let change mic for front etc)bloody realtek. I had the same prob with one of my home PCs. They still haven't updated most of their drivers to work with Win 7 yet. I don't have Win 7 in front of me at the mo so I can't tell you but I know it is possible to change the default jack setting. In fact I think Realtek didnt update their drivers because it is possible to change the function of the Mic/Line in and Line Out jacks. Keep fiddling with your sound settings and maybe the sound card setting on Control Panel System Device Manager, you might find something there.
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