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The Main application of Hematite Ore

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The Main application of Hematite Ore 
By daswell on Dec 09, 2013 02:46 AM
I. Magnetic Materials

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Hematite ore not only can be used to make soft magnetic material but also to make hard magnetic material.

(2)Soft magnetic material

Soft magnetic material, also called industrial pure iron. It has the feature of super paramagnetic, low coercivity, low Curie temperature, high magnetic susceptibility and giant magnetoresistance. Nowadays, the soft magnetic material is widely applied in industrial automation device, electronic instruments, Communication Equipments, electric power, computer.

3. Hard magnetic material

Hard magnetic material, also called permanent magnet Raymond grinder, is used more and more in the recent year. Its raw material, iron oxide is made from hematite ore. The hematite ore shall meet the following requirements:

Grade of Iron: TFe>68, 6%; silicon content: High-grade magnetic materials SiO2<0.3%; Mid-grade magnetic material SiO2 0.3&#65374;0 .5%.

4. Raw Material of Paint

Hematite ore is a type of good inorganic rust resisting pigment. After the purification and grinding, qualified ore can be used as the raw material of paint. In this way, the value of hematite ore is increased greatly.

5&#65294;Other application

Hematite ore concentrate can be used to make welding electrode; to make iron powder by using fluidized reduction method Roller Mill, to make sponge iron; or to make non-equilibrium materials and iron powder by adopting rapid cooling method, the iron powder can be used for waste water treatment and food fresh keeping. The powder can also be used for making chemical paint and storage battery. The high-grade sponge iron is the raw material of Special Steel.
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