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"The Springfield Connection"

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"The Springfield Connection"  
By juggjery on Dec 09, 2013 01:10 AM
"The Springfield Connection" is the 23rd episode of the sixth season of The Simpsons, and originally aired May 7, 1995.[1] After watching Snake Jailbird cheat Homer out of US$20 in a Threecard Monte con game, Marge successfully chases Snake and knocks him out with the lid of a garbage can. The experience of foiling a crime exhilarates her, and she decides to join the Springfield Police. Marge completes her police training and joins a beat as a police officer. She becomes disillusioned with her work after witnessing her friends committing crimes and being exposed to police corruption and resigns from the force.

The episode was written by Jonathan Collier with input from David Mirkin, and directed by Mark Kirkland. The episode's story was inspired by executive producer Mike Reiss' wife, who had debated becoming a police officer. "The Springfield Connection" drew on influences from the 1980s police drama Hill Street Blues and the 1971 film The French Connection, and includes references to McGruff the Crime Dog and the theme music to Star Wars. Contributors to compilation works analyzing The Simpsons from philosophical and cultural perspectives have cited and discussed the episode. Homer cautions Marge, but gets enticed by Snake's Threecard Monte game. Snake cheats Homer out of $20, and when Marge exposes the con, Snake takes off. Marge chases after him and manages to knock him out using a garbage can lid. The incident gives Justin Tucker Jersey her a sense of exhilaration, and she begins to find that her everyday routine feels dull and boring. In the grocery store, she starts rolling around on her shopping cart until it crashes, exciting her more. Instead of regular ham, she buys devilled ham. She begins to lose interest in her previous magazines and checks out the Death Sports section. She decides to spice up her life by joining the Springfield Police Force. Homer is less than enthused about his wife becoming a cop, but she assures him that he will remain "man of the house". Marge reports for police recruit training and performs well in the various tests. Finally she goes home to her family, and announces herself to be a police officer.

The next day, Chief Wiggum sends Marge to Junkyville and Bumtown for her beat. On her beat, after encountering Lionel Hutz rummaging in a dumpster, she goes to the KwikEMart, where Apu, who knows the drill, tries to bribe her. On her day off, she orders Bart to wear safety gear when skateboarding, which gets him beaten up by the bullies. Lisa tries to encourage her mom to "attack the roots of social problems" but Marge changes the subject with a McGriff the Crime Dog hand puppet. That night, Homer and his friends (Lenny, Carl, Moe, Barney, and Herman) are playing cards. Marge comes Ravens Justin Tucker Jersey in and finds them gambling, which is illegal, and Homer's friends beat a hasty retreat.

The next day, she seems rather unenthusiastic, as everyone seems to be breaking the law especially Homer, who has parked illegally and is buying liquor for the underage bullies. Marge writes Homer a ticket, and when he teases Marge and steals her hat, she arrests him. When Homer gets home, he finds his friend Herman involved in a jeancounterfeiting operation going on in his own garage. As Herman and his cronies are about to tune him up, Marge busts in to save the day. As she is cuffing the rest of the crooks, Herman takes Homer hostage and runs to Bart's tree house, with Marge in hot pursuit. Herman tries to escape using a pair of knockoff jeans to slide down a rope, but he falls to the ground. Later, Wiggum informs Marge that they can not hold him due to lack of evidence. Homer retorts saying that there is a garage full of counterfeit jeans. However, Wiggum says that they have "mysteriously disappeared" true, considering all the cops are wearing them now. Marge gets mad and says that there is too much corruption on the force and she quits. After a hearty laugh, Wiggum accepts her resignation."The Springfield Connection" was written by Jonathan Collier and directed by Mark Kirkland.[3] According to Collier, the inspiration for the episode was former Simpsons executive producer Mike Reiss' wife. At one point, she had seriously decided that she wanted to become a police officer but it did not happen.[4] The joke where the police officers laugh at Marge for a long time was pitched by David Mirkin www.ravensofficialnflprostore.com/ravens-justin-tucker-jersey-c-16.html and features a "crazy twist" at the end where Wiggum says "welcome aboard." Mirkin liked the joke so much that he repeated it again at the end of the episode.[3] Marge uses a "McGriff the crime dog" hand puppet who says "Help me bite crime".[5] The hand puppet is a homage to McGruff the Crime Dog the producers had wanted to use the real McGruff, but could not get permission to use the character.[3] The idea to have a counterfeit jeans ring was pitched because at the time there had been an explosion in the jeans market, and David Mirkin thought it was right to satirize it.[3]

When the Korean animators were animating the sequence with Marge in the gun training course, they did not know how to correctly animate the "shell com[ing] out of the gun" because guns were illegal in Korea. They had to consult with the American animators, who advised them to watch movies so they could properly animate the guns.[6] The original design for Marge's police uniform had Marge's hair standing up (as it normally is) with the hat on top. Director Mark Kirkland found that it made for awkward staging in scenes, so they altered the design to have her hair pulled down.[6] David Mirkin later stated that if the design had been used, he would have asked for it to be changed because they were trying to depict Marge as a serious cop.[3]The title, as well as Herman's illegal activities, are references to the 1971 film The French Connection. The couch gag, a parody of the gun Justin Tucker Youth Jersey barrel sequence[2] in the James Bond films shows some similarities to that of Sean Connery's own gunbarrel sequences. Several references are made to the 1980s police drama Hill Street Blues: the briefing scene at the police station is similar and the background and end credits music, are parodies of the show's theme.[2] Marge appears on an episode of COPS, and McGriff the dog is a reference to McGruff the Crime Dog, a US police public relations figure.[2] Additionally, Marge's training sequences features homages to Police Academy (1984) and Speed (1994).[2] The Springfield Pops play the theme to the Star Wars films at an outdoor venue attended by Homer and Marge, and Homer mistakenly believes that the theme's composer John Williams is dead, complaining: "Laser effects, mirrored ballsJohn Williams must be rolling around in his grave!".[7]Kurt M. Koenigsberger analyzes Homer's comments about the Springfield Pops rendition of the Star Wars theme in Koenigsberger's piece: "Commodity Culture and Its Discontents: Mr. Conard and Aeon J. Skoble, contributors Gerald J. Erion and Joseph A. I can't quite figure out how Marge stays in such good shape, but her escapades as a cop are funny, and the episode works best when she arrests Homer. I especially like his refusal to remain silent."[12]

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