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Braylon Edwards 
By jerseys204 on Dec 07, 2013 06:43 AM
Braylon Edwards

I don't know Deion Sanders Throwback Jersey if I'm more shocked that he bought the baby Carlos shirt or that he can actually roller skate backwards.

up people? 24 is an amazing tv show. You're about nine years late on the Jack bandwagon. Simple as that. They served a purpose for me then, but no longer. Chris Johnson is rocking the dreadlocks now. You didn't even hit 700. Oh yeah, I heard that players with heavyduty beards automatically get minus one on their overall rating too.

this pic in my phone. Posting it = revenge on my son for making me fat.

Clear Start Manning QB He has thrown four consecutive 300+ passing games, he will hit five this afternoon against Tennessee.

Brandon Jacobs RB Normally he would not make this list, but I believe that since Eli Manning is banged up, the Giants are going to go with the ground game more than they have. Plus, they are playing an awful Oakland team.

DeAngelo Williams RB During the bye week, I am assuming that Carolina realized that they can win football when the ball is ever in Jake Delhomme hands. In the Dallas game two weeks ago, Carolina failed to get a 3rd down the entire second half until of coarse they gave the ball to Williams and he rushed for 10 yards. Williams is a beast, we all know this from his stats last year, Carolina needs to let him out of his cage.

Mike SimsWalker WR After the first four weeks of the season, SimsWalker has proven himself to be the top receiver for the Jaguars. With two touchdowns last week, I expect SimsWalker to score again the miserable Seattle team.

Jason Witten TE Tony Romo favorite target will catch many balls today as Dallas plays the Chiefs. Romo should throw for over 300 yards and I am projecting Witten to have a score and 80 yards.

Clear Sit Portis RB I know I put him here last week, but it is because he is just dreadful this season. Until he has a breakout game, he belongs on this list.

Braylon Edwards WR With his trade to the New York Jets, adjustment will need to occur. As of now Mark Sanchez likes throwing to Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller, I expect it to stay this way today.

Steven Jackson RB He is playing the tough Minnesota defense. Good luck, Mr. Jackson. Houshmandzadeh, Ted Ginn Jr., Terrell Owens, Tony Gonzalez, Tony Romo, Wes Welker

Larry Fitzgerald There is really no need to explain why Fitzgerald is the number one receiver this year in the NFL. Here is a basic play in which Fitzgerald gets the ball. Kurt Warner throws the ball up. Fitzgerald jumps as if hehas frog legs and snatches the pigskin out of the sky. He then either: a) falls down in a tumble, b) runs it in for a touchdown, c) gain a few more yards and get tackled. Dropped balls are rare in his gameplay. I suggest if you have a later first round pick in the draft and the top 15 running backs are gone, get Fitzgerald. You will have the choice to get the number one wide receiver or a top 10 running back.

Andre Johnson A. Johnson had a strong last season with 1575 receiving yards and eight receiving touchdowns. I am sure that A. Johnson will have another strong season this year. It is clear that Fitzgerald and A. Johnson are the top tier wide receivers. Each are projected to have over 300 fantasy points (with PPR) this year.

Calvin Johnson Like Fitzgerald, C. Johnson is a freak of nature. He was on the worst NFL team ever created last year and still had a remarkable 1331 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns. And remember that was with old veteran Daunte Culpepper throwing him the ball. Not that I think Matthew Stafford will be amazing in the NFL, but it certaintly is an improvement for the horrible Lions team. All in all, don forget about drafting C. Johnson because he was on the worst team last year, that didn stop him from being a stalwart fantasy point player in 2008.

Roddy White I love Roddy White. Everything is going to be working for him this year. He has a sophomore quarterback with some playoff experience in Matt Ryan. A brand new teammate Tony Gonzalez, who is arguably the best tight end in the league. Oh and let not forget Michael Turner, who poses a threat to every defense that faces the Falcons. Anyway, White dropped 20 pounds in the offseason and is going to be more of a wide receiving threat than ever. The Falcons offense is going to be dangerous in both the air and ground game and it will be hard for a defense to defend both.

Steve Smith (Car) Smith puts up big numbers every year. Last year he had 1421 receiving yards and six touchdowns. Carolina run game does not take away from its passing game as DeAngelo Williams had 18 touchdowns last season and Smith still put up top receiving numbers.

Just Missed: Greg Jennings, Wes Welker, Reggie Wayne

acRossports Top Wide Receivers to Avoid:

Ted Ginn Jr. Ginn Jr. is apart of a heavy wildcat offense, meaning that the fantasy points in Miami are coming out of the running backs. Ginn Jr. only had 790 yards and two touchdowns last year. Miami will likely continue this type of gameplay Deion Sanders Jersey as they reached the playoffs last year.

Hines Ward With the performance that Santanio Holmes had in the Super Bowl, I can help to think that he will have a much larger role in 2009 than he had in 2008. Expect Holmes to take away from Ward receptions, resulting in a less effective fantasy player.

Steve Breaston He is on a team with Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, enough said. If you are going to draft him realize that you are drafting purely a yardage guy. If you are in a PPR league don avoid him, but then again don jump ahead a few rounds to get him.

Roy E. Williams Tony Romo loves Jason Witten. He loves throwing him the ball. With Terrell Owens gone, he does not feel any www.cowboysonlineofficialstore.com/cowboys-deion-sanders-jersey-c-5_8.html remorse in throwing Witten the ball. Also, Romo will not be scolded by doing so. Williams will be more involved than last year, but don be jumping up rounds to get him on your team.

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