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On Day 57 of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster

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On Day 57 of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster 
By earjerseyqq113 on Dec 06, 2013 03:53 AM
Keith Olbermann

On Day 57 of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster: President Obama will finally meet with British Petroleum executives. It is expected the President will tell the company it must pick up the tab for the massive oil disaster.

In last night's Oval Office address, the President vowed to deploy all resources to fight the oil disaster and keep the pressure on BP. "We will fight this spill with everything we've got for as long it takes," Obama said after two consecutive days surveying the Gulf Coast, which is threatened by a massive oil spill that began April 20.

Was the speech "too little, too late"? Many critics say the President painted himself into a corner after reneging on his longterm opposition to offshore drilling. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, longtime Obama cheerleaders at MSNBC, were even more incensed. "Where is the how in this speech when the nation is crying out for how?"

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled the a newer version of the Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962). The bill will cost $900 billion over 10 years and extends health coverage to 36 million Americans. That 67 million more than the Senate Finance Committee's version. The 1900page bill includes a weakened public health insurance option but an historic expansion of Medicaid, the Washington Post reports. Majority Leader Harry Reid says he will include a similar public provision in the Senate bill with an "opt out" clause for states that don want to participate.

Four page summary here. The full text here. The top 14 provisions that take effect http://uggbootsuksales.tumblr.com/ immediately here. The implementation uggs outlet online timeline here.

The stronger, Medicare plus 5% provision was solidly backed by House progressives but lacked enough votes to pass. WaPo adds: "Rural Democrats strongly opposed that approach because of the potentially ruinous effect cheap uggs on doctors and hospitals in www.uggsaleshopuk.co.uk their districts, where Medicare rates are generally well below the national average."

While Medicare +5 would have been stronger, negotiated rates are not the worst thing. But many progressives are not enthused and question if too many concessions were made. Alan Grayson on The Ed Show support the plan AFTER THE JUMP.

You knew that MSNBC's Keith Olbermann was just itching to slam Michael Steele's desperate attempt to www.uggbootssky.co.uk camouflage the bigotry behind a social issuesamesex marriageas a bizarre supplyside cost benefit analysis.

Olbermann mocked the the incredibly ineffective and latest antigay chairman of the Republican National Committee chairman on last night's Countdown: "In this country, weddings are a $70 billion a year industry. B, billion, as in Bridezilla. Seventy billion. . Legalizing gay marriage is a gold mine to jump starting a uggbootssale2012.co.uk lousy economy. Like, say, the one you Republicans gave us."

ON THE FLIP SIDE, watch Olbermann tear Steele a new one.

If you've followed much of the news coverage around the latest addition to the family ugg boots cheap of Dick and Lynne Cheney, you may not have even realized their daughter Mary is a lesbian and that she has a longtime partner. You may not have even realized this was Mary's child, because the White House has Cheap UGG Boots only released photos of the Vice President and his wife holding the baby and none showing the two mommies.

Via After Elton is MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, who provides some muchneeded context to viewers who do not understand the impact of antigay, "family values" legislation.

Heather Poe, Mary Cheney's partner of fifteen years, is not permitted any legal connection to the child whatsoevercan't adopt as a second parent, can't legally exist. To the folks that keep that law on the books, let me see if I've got this rightyour political or religious beliefs are more important than this one kid having a loving, twoparent home. Not theory here, not abstractions. this particular little boy, on day one facing all the crap life has to offer him and everybody else. He doesn't get two parents and this makes you feel better about yourself, how?

For this, Olbermann awarded the Government of the State of Virginia as the day's "Worst Person in the World." That dishonor is usually reserved for the likes of Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly or grandpa Dick Cheney.

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