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Daswell Maintenance Instruction of Dryer Machine

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Daswell Maintenance Instruction of Dryer Machine 
By daswell on Dec 05, 2013 03:09 AM
Dryer machine is an important drying machine widely used in ore beneficiation plant and as it has such features of reliable working condition, elastic operation, strong adaptability and big processing capacity, it widely used in metallurgy pulverizer, building material, food, light industry, chemistry, coal, medicine and mining industry. As dryer machine is of great importance, regular and daily maintenance seems very important, and here Daswell Machinery will talk about this question.

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According to the working principle and structural features of different types of industrial dryer, to ensure long time of safe operation of the drying equipment, the key is to adjust the machine to make sure the cylinder can normally move along the axle, which will make sure the catch wheel remains static ore moves with slight stress for short time and that the catch wheels and riding wheels evenly bears the cylinder load.

The maintenance emphasis of industrial dryer is spindle failure which can be divided into journal abrasion and axle curve. When the abrasion of the journal is not serious, plate a layer of chromium on it and grind it to the needed size. When the abrasion is serious, weld it and then grind and polish it. If the axle curve is not serious, repair it through polishing the journal and slip ring; if the curve exceeds 0.2mm, put the journal under the press machine, press the curving part to fix it, and the fixed axle surface should be ground and polished; and if the axle is too serious, a new axle should be used.

The methods of adjusting the malfunctions of industrial dryer are: check whether the relative position of the tyre and the riding wheel is in the middle and whether the rack wheel and the pinion will produce abnormal noises in the running process. If there are abnormal noises, check the back lash between the rack wheel and the pinion. If the discharged materials have high water content, increase the fuel and/or reduce the feeding amount. It the oil temperature of the bearing rises, immediately stop the machine and check which part is going wrong. In addition, pay attention the abrasion degree of the quick-wear parts and timely change the abraded spare parts.
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