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Using effect of impact crusher in the slag factory

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Using effect of impact crusher in the slag factory 
By megan2008 on Nov 30, 2013 06:14 AM
The Impact crusher is employed in extra crushing of material. The impact crusher processes types of material with featuring firm structure, stable performance, big capacity, even developing granularity, convenient repair and cost-effective running expenditure, and greatly used within the aspects of mining, construction materials, smelting, railway, freeway, water conservancy, etc.

It is particularly applicable to the fine and medium crushing various hard and fragile materials such as refractories, cement, quartz sand, sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate and so on. Impact crusher is a kind of efficient, energy-saving crusher with high quality, high trustworthiness, lengthy service time, and simple replacing wear and spares.

Impact crusher can process coal ash, slag, available fly ash and the glazed brick of blast furnace slag production, which relates to the glazed brick with industrial waste. Nowadays, the problem that how to deal with the fly ash and blast furnace slag is always a difficult problem that puzzles people. The developing of this kind of impact crusher change the kill for benefit, turn ' wastes ' to treasure, to provide a new way of producing the glazed brick by using the waste fly ash and blast furnace slag. And the raw materials of this kind of glazed brick contains clay, greenstone, fly ash and blast furnace slag, the weight portions of the above raw materials: 21 to 31 portions for clay, greenstone 28 ~ in 38, ash 26 ~ 36, 5 ~ 15 blast furnace slag.

The impact crusher makes full use of our country large amounts of waste fly ash and blast furnace slag water resources to produce glazed brick, which reduces the cost. And the product quality appearance and the other physical indicators all have reached the national standard. The good quality of the products can improve the economic benefits of the manufacturers and can improve the market competition capacity. That utilize the fly ash, blast furnace slag to produce the glazed brick has created a new approach of processing the wastes.

mobile crusher: http://www.fte-china.com/pro/crawler_crushing_station.html
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