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Family in December

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Family in December 
By gfhjh001 on Nov 28, 2013 05:31 AM
Family in Jarvis Jones Men's Jersey December

Press Release Arch Hill Recordings

You hear them coming for sure hollerin whoopin bashin and all together heading for New Zealand in a wonderful way this December. Mystery Girl, Galesburg and 95bFM Border Radio are proud to present for the first time ever in New Zealand. The Akron Family.

Formed in the weirder parts of New York City circa 2002, Akron/Family play music as a tree root might crack the sidewalk. Strings, drums and guitars all warm and alive play amongst the electronic crunch, mingle with feedback, coasting alongside chants and harmoniesglorious enough to convert and strong enough to convince. Their latest album, Set Wild, Set Free (2009) is the sound of an aural experiment that went to sleep in the city and woke up in a forest, bright eyed, bushy tailed a beautiful and wild hybrid of Steelers Landry Jones Jersey folk, postrock, and other primal urges. Odd and sweet musical beasts, they run roughshod over convention in pursuit of the sublime.

The Le'Veon Bell Youth Jersey Akron/Family live show has been described in the LA Times as moving between "group harmonies and delicate musicianship" to a "psychedelic raveup". The San Francisco Independent writes "Akron/Family is a big party onstage, a dudefest, a street gang with joy instead of knivesa riot of drums and drums, funk, tribal stomp and too many guitars." And if you don't believe it then check out these videos!
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