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By lluggg405 on Nov 28, 2013 02:45 AM
Council candidate running as write

". I have learned that Findlay deserves leaders who are visible and accountable to the voters and citizens of Findlay," Harrington said in a statement.Harrington's filing comes a little more than two weeks after a Courier story revealed Bauer is associated with Citizens for Findlay, a group that strives for anonymity and helped him run his primary campaign against incumbent Republican Bill Schedel. Bauer won the primary.A public Google message board showed Bauer banded together with fellow council candidates Andy Douglas and Tom Ross to swap ideas and detail their progress. Some of the posts were critical of fellow Republicans and prompted a backlash from party leaders, who were expected to address the trio's campaign banter and tactics at a meeting Monday night.Douglas also won his Republican primary race against Jim Niemeyer for next year's 6th Ward seat.Harrington, however, said his decision to run as a writein candidate has nothing to do with his opponent."I'm surprised as anybody that I decided to do this," he said by phone Monday. "It's been on my mind for years to enter into politics, and this opportunity presented itself to solve some of the problems" that the city has, he said."Growing up in Findlay, I feel the best cooperation I've ever seen over the years has come when city administrators, council, businesses and industry all work together. I feel like none of them are working together right now. They're all going in different directions with flood protection, with job creation and retention," Harrington said.He said he filed to run as a ward candidate instead of for a councilatlarge position Vonta Leach Jersey because he's been a lifelong "southender" who wants to represent that area.He said he decided file as a writein because he didn't want to run in the May primary against Schedel, whom he considers a friend."I'm loyal to my friends, and unless Bill said he was going to step aside (not run), I wasn't going to do it," he said.Hancock County Board of Elections Director Jody O'Brien said Ravens Vonta Leach Jersey those who file as writein candidates are usually people seeking a post for which no one is running.Writein candidates simply have to make a declaration of candidacy with the elections board. They are not required to gather signatures.To vote for a writein candidate in the November election, those voting absentee will have to fill in an oval and write the candidate's name for a specific race.For those voting by machine at the polls, an option to select a writein candidate will be provided. Pressing it will send the voter to a keyboard, where a name can be typed in.Harrington is a thirdgeneration Findlay resident. His late father owned a downtown car dealership and was instrumental in the inception of organizations such as the Hancock Historical Museum.His son is also civicminded. Harrington said he recently served as the Boy Scouts of www.ravensofficialnflprostore.com/ravens-vonta-leach-jersey-c-33.html America's finance director, and served as president of the museum association, Camp Fire Boys and Girls of Northwest Ohio, and YMCA Indian Guides. He has been active with other organizations, too.Not only does he have the same first name Vonta Leach Men's Jersey as his opponent, he also works for Century 21 Koehler Associates, the same real estate firm where Bauer is an agent."I don't really know John (Bauer) that well," Harrington said. "We work together, but it's a big office and I don't run into him all that often.""I'm looking forward to running a truthful, open and honest campaign, and I hope he is, too," Harrington said.Three others filed as writein candidates. They include Barbara Sharrer for Benton Ridge Village Council, Joan Beckwith Vonta Leach Women's Jersey for Riverdale school board, and Robert Wells for Vanlue Board of Public Affairs.

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