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Desert Eagle Strategy Guide

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Desert Eagle Strategy Guide 
By earjerseyqq110 on Nov 23, 2013 06:52 AM
Desert Eagle Strategy Guide

Unlocked at level 62, the Desert Eagle is the final unlockable handgun in Modern Warfare 2. It is often compared to the .44 Magnum because they are both very highpowered. They end up pretty even in comparison because, while the Magnum has slightly higher damage and lower recoil, the Desert Eagle has a larger magazine, and has a much shorter reload speed. Combine the Desert Eagle with the right perks and attachments and you'll have www.footballcoltsproshop.com a very reliable (and loud) sidearm!

Assault: This weapon is Pat McAfee Jersey perfect for general assaulting because of its very high stopping power. This makes it extremely useful for Hardcore games because the gun will kill in Colts Adam Vinatieri Jersey one shot at any range in Hardcore mode. Firstly, use the Desert Eagle with Akimbo to double your firepower. Next, use Scavenger, Hardline, and Last Stand/Steady Aim. Use Last Stand if you think you'll die more frequently and you could score more kills using Last Stand. If you think you'll survive and you'll need Jerrell Freeman Jersey the extra accuracy, use Steady Aim.

Knife: Using the Desert Eagle with a knifing class is one of the better combinations you can have because of its high damage and its ability to have a Tactical Knife. Firstly, you'll want to use some sort of an SMG for your primary weapon. Next, equip your Desert Eagle with a Tactical Knife. Then use Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando or Ninja. If you want Antoine Bethea Men's Jersey to use the class for Search and Destroy you should use Ninja. You'll also want to use a Throwing Knife for longranged and silent kills.

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