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A tattoo pricing guide

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A tattoo pricing guide 
By puggjery on Nov 19, 2013 03:32 AM
A Wholesale NFL Jerseys tattoo nfl jerseys cheap pricing guide

tattoo, the first thing on your cheap nfl jerseys mind should be safety. You'll want to get tattooed in a professional shop, with the proper licensing from wholesale jerseys the health department. Your health is more valuable than the few dollars you'd save otherwise.

Think about the longterm cost of your cheap nfl jerseys tattoo. You will be wearing this art until you die. Compare it to the cost of your shoeswhich wear out every year; a tattoo costs less in the long run than any other purchase you wholesale jerseys can make.

Most tattoo shops in a given city or area will cost about the same rate. There may be a few artists who are booked far in advance, who charge more than this. If you are seeking a large, customdrawn original tattoo, you'll probably be Wholesale Jerseys better cheap nfl jerseys off to pay more, and wait longer, for one of these artists to do your tattoo.

If you're getting a smaller tattoo, or a stock image, you can count on paying cheap jerseys chinaanywhere from eighty to a hundred and fity dollars per hour of time spent tattooing. Most studios have a minimum price for any tattoo, no matter how small. This price usually takes into account the cost of new, disposable equipment, and time spent sterilizing/disinfecting. On average this can range anywhere from forty to a hundred dollars, depending on the ability of the artist. Some topname artists have a waiting list of a year or more, and may cost up to a thousand dollars each sitting. New or apprentice artists may cost much less, or be willing to work at a deep discount, in order to gain cheap jerseys experience. A word of caution is in order for these young artists, though, cheap jerseys as many of them will NOT do the best work for the money.

Tattoo artists are often paid a commission, earning from forty to eighty percent of your payment. This means that for a fifty dollar tattoo, the artist gets paid less than ten dollars, after equipment costs and commission are subtracted. cheap jerseys Artists that own the studio may be paid a higher rate, and artists cheap jerseys that are working part time may be paying a flat amount in rent to work in the shop. The majority of artists, however, work on commission or "percentage", and are independent contractors.
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