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compensatory picks on their way

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compensatory picks on their way 
By retyj001 on Nov 18, 2013 01:42 AM
compensatory picks www.officialfootballbengals.com/Black+Benjarvus+Greenellis+Jersey on their way

Generally speaking, the Bears are good business for the networks because they reside in the league's secondlargest television market. But given the club's tailspin to 79 last season, it's difficult Nike BenJarvus Green-Ellis Jersey to imagine NFL and TV execs finding a delicious opening weekend matchup they deem mustsee viewing for the nation.

The Bears last appeared on Thanksgiving Day in a wretched 217 loss at Dallas in 2004. It was Craig Krenzel's final start as a an ankle injury did in his season, and when Jonathan Quinn's relief effort was, well, a lot like his starts earlier in the season, the Chad Hutchinson era spawned.

The last time the Bears visited the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day was Nov. 25, 1999. Since, the Lions have played division rival Green Bay three times on Thanksgiving without playing Minnesota. Since the merger, the longest the Lions and Bears have gone without hooking up on Thanksgiving has been 11 seasons (1980 to 1991).

Compensatory picks will also be announced this week from the meetings. Dre Kirkpatrick Jersey Ebay The Bears are almost assured of receiving one pick and could land two.

It will be nice to know what compensatory picks we end up with. I would be thrilled if we got a 4th or 5th round pick instead of a 7th. Jerry could get aggressive early in the draft (not moving up in 1, but moving up in 2 or 3) if we know we have an extra 4th or 5th rounder that we can't trade away. I think Miami will be looking to get out of the 32nd pick, since no one is going to trade for the 1 overall, and our 44 and 90 picks are a perfect match in value. We can move up for Flacco, a RB, or a second OL that drops out of the first round (Albert possibly?) We would still have our 70th pick from the Niners in the third, so we wouldn't be missing out on any of the early rounds.

If we got an extra 4th as a compensatory selection, we could possibly move back in to the 1st at 27 to San Diego if we see someone we want by adding the 106th pick in to the mix. They would get their 3rd rounder back, and move back out of the 1st round, where there won't be any 1st round CBs left, which is their biggest need.

If we get a 5th rounder, we could make the deal with the Niners at 29, by replacing the 106th with the 134th pick. They might also be looking to trade out of the first round.

But trading up does not seem to be Jerry's style. Perhaps we can use all the picks and rebuild the depth on this roster, and find a couple of starters out of the mix at LT, RB, and maybe a guard if Beekman doesn't pan out. If you use your compensatory picks well, you can take a chance on some players who slide, or take an earlier shot at a player than you normally would. Mant teams use this strategy to improve special teams and build for the future (Baltimore and New England have been especially good at this)

Hey, I just hope they leave us off the Monday Night Football schedule, because we dont play well in that time slot anyway, as well as on Thanksgiving Day. I am just as happy playing ALL of our games at noon on Sunday, because the team plays their best football at that time, and it is the best time to attend a game, so you can enjoy the whole experience of tailgaiting, and watching the game, and having plenty of time to return home, and prepare for the upcoming work week, after a Bear victory, of course. I am glad to hear the Bears will get some compensatory picks this season, it has helped the Packers the last couple of seasons and Im sure Mr. It certainly seems that Chicago can address three of five needs in this draft. OT, RB and OG could be found in the first three rounds. I'm not convinced they can find a WR that could push some of the incumbents and provide production relatively quickly or a safety for that matter. Marcus McNeill and Tony Ugoh to name a couple.

I hate to be a pessimist, but a great Bear Draft? We need offense and the only great offensive player drafted by Angelo was a Defensive back. lol

I would LOVE to see the Bears (not Angelo as he only trades down) trade up for OT Long via our 1st/Briggs for a high 1st/2nd Is this possible?? I feel our Defense is solid enough to trade Briggs (who I feel fell off last year) Long would be worth trading up for.

I have heard Sam Bakers name mentioned lately.

Compensatory picks are great but it's how they are used.

How does Benson/Grossman sound as first round Angelo offensive picks now?

I do believe the Niners would not be overly thrilled to deal with the Bears, but stranger bedfellows have been created on draft day. I was more using them as an example of what we could do with the picks we have, and putting out a scenario involving dealing with the Packers makes my rear end itch. I still think Miami is the most likely trading partner, as they are dying to get more picks, and since no one is looking to move up to 1, they can target the 32 pick (which is really the equivalent of a late 1st rounder) to entertain offers. They can use a ton of youth, and Parcells knows it.

I agree that we should come out of the first three rounds with 3 starting candidates, whether this year or next year (if we draft QB). But if we don't have 2 OL by the end of the 4th, we are missing the boat.

If we don't draft a WR, I think we are in good enough shape to get by this season. If Booker is still as spry as the scouts seem to think he is, he should be a decent receiving option, and between Hester, Bradley, Lloyd, Rideau, Hass, and possibly Davis, we can find another 3 or 4 guys who can contribute. Our 1 target needs to be the tight end. We are much safer in that regard because we have Olson and Clark that can both be solid passing game options. I sincerely hope to see them both on the field at least 33% of the time. That will give Atari Bigby and Nick Collins fits, as well as torture Gerald Alexander in Detroit and Darren Sharper in Minnesota. If Ron Turner is worth anything as an offensive coordinator, he is devising ways to get them both into the pattern as often as possible to pull the defense away from the line, and off of Hester and Bradley on the outside.

You add in a young left tackle, a Running back that can actually get to and turn the corner, and then get a Guard (Beekman or a draft pick) that can get out of their stance before a DT blows by them, and all of a sudden we can be a respectable offense. Orton and/or Grossman are both capable of hitting the open man when they can actually set their feet and throw the ball, although it is much harder for Grossman to see over the blockers (had to get in a short joke).

I do think the OL has to be our first pick if possible, as the guys who will be around in Round 2 and 3 at OT (Baker, Cherilus, Nicks, Mills, Collins) are all guys that need work, but the running backs like Johnson, Smith, Forte, Rice, Hart, and others are players that can come in and contribute. But if there is a run on OTs (Miami, St. Louis, Atlanta, Oakland, Kansas City, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Denver, and Carolina all could possibly use one, which is 9 out of the first 13 picks) and Long, Clady, Otah, and Williams are gone, the Bears should go for a RB or trade back with a team who wants Mendenhall officialfootballbengals.com/Black+Dre+Kirkpatrick+Jersey in the 1622 range, and then take Brendan Albert with the first pick. He can play either guard or tackle, but likely will not make it past 23 to Pittsburgh.

This will be interesting for sure.

Oh come on Jon! Everybody complains about free agency. What the Bears need was not there in free agency. They need a solid QB. They need a starting LT and RB. The only one they might have pursued was RB and this draft has several that should be around in the 2nd 3rd rds.

The problem for the Bears is if there is a run on Oline before they pick in the 1st rd and before they pick in the 2nd rd. It's a crazy year, they could end up with no Oline in rds 1 I'm hoping they grab Albert in the 1st rd and either Henne or Flacco in the 2nd rd. If the QB's are gone in the 2nd go for RB.

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