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By jerseys180 on Nov 16, 2013 06:44 AM

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Comment number 2. Must be explained elsewhere in the episode. Can't wait til Saturday.

I'm going to order series 1 and I'm guessing the DVD Cyber Monday ugg boots will include the interviews and behind the scenes videos we've seen here. They provide good insight for the show :)

I would enter a comp to get the BH soundtrack, probably wouldn't win though since I never win at any comps :( but still would be worth a try. BH Soundtrack would be kewl. Music on it would remind me of the scenes I liked.

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Comment number 6. uggs Cyber Monday At 18:09 11th Feb Cyber Monday uggs 2009, loopymowse wrote: I just watched the clip LOL on the song choice playing on the sound system!!!

It makes sense, we learn a little more about each character's condition per ep so after the reveal about O we can understand A's emotions running high and it comes out through the house. I think the house has magic properties, maybe the land it is built on has significance. When they're in the house A, M, and G are at their best (mood) because they feel safe there.

I wouldn't like to be the household insurance agent though, there must be some strange claims to process ;)

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Comment number 7. At 18:32 11th Feb 2009, Lionesskeeper wrote: Hee, the preview clip before you click on it makes Aidan look as if he's in a musical.

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Comment number 8. At 00:13 12th Feb 2009, Miss_Beadie wrote: hehe, that's what i thought to Lionesskeeper

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Comment number 9. At 10:02 12th Feb 2009, treboravvrgb wrote: this morning i was doing some work in my garden ugg boots Cyber Monday when i trod on a short handeld rake that was laying in the grass.

the rake flicked up and after spending the next 15mins howling like a wolf on my hands and knees i just had to watch parts one two and three again.

as for russell tovey he just gets better the Cyber Monday uggs more i see of him and to be honest i like what i see of him

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Comment number 11. At 12:32 12th Feb 2009, treboravvrgb wrote: As you must know by now i am a bit of a fan of Russell Tovey and yes i do have a small crush.

When he was in The History Boys in New York i whent there and back in 48 hours just to watch him in it.

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