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apenandasword Neighbors blogs blog 
By jerseys170 on Nov 13, 2013 05:35 AM
apenandasword Neighbors blogs blog

Haven any of you seen the discovery channel? If you want women to put out, you gotta eliminate the possibility of offspring. Step 2, eliminate offspring themselves if they occur.

We are a member of the Animal kingdom, correct? I mean, I can really be expected to deny myself an orgasm just because I not mature enough to nurture another human life.

These righties are ridiculous!

Obviously, some people here are not picking up on the sarcasm in my last entry. It okay. I don blame you. I blame the public school system for letting you down.

On that same note, you should probably steer clear of anything written by Jonathan Swift as you tend to take everything you read literally (see Gulliver Travels, and A Modest Proposal).

My point in that entry, to put all your little minds to rest, is that when we start to discard the moral systems that tell us Right from Wrong, we have a lot less to feel guilty about, yes, but Brandon LaFell Jersey we also open up a Pandora Box of ills that we have to allow if those standards are lost.

WHAT? Are you MAD? There is no such thing as sex between an adult and a child. Childen cannot give permission to an adult to have sex with them. Are yoiu MAD?

what they attracted to younger/older people WHAT? It judging them by . . . antiquated, religious, social standards? WHAT?

You have the values of a sexual predator. Period.

But let be fair and equitable to the men: a woman has the right to terminate a pregnancy if she wants any reason. She can basically refuse to accept the consequences of having sex, since pregnancy is a possible consequence of having sex with contraception measures in place.

But men do not have the same right to refuse to accept the consequences. If the woman does decide to have the child, the man can (almost) always be ordered by a judge to pay child support. He doesn have any right to a say in whether the woman aborts the fetus, but he is held financially responsible for her choice if she doesn short, the woman has the right to go on living her life like nothing happened if she wants to, but the man is not afforded such. Money that he earned can be taken from him because the woman choice is given priority.

We could call it Male Abortion: the exercising of male reproductive rights to not pay child support if we don want to.

abort abortion child child support dead beat dads fetus My Brandon LaFell Black Jersey post reproductive rights Supreme Court women

I come to the conclusion that additional punishment for crimes deemed crimes, is tantamount to punishing someone for what they think. It cannot be for what they DID, because there are already punishments for assault, murder, et cetera.

So the additional punishment is contingent only www.nikepanthersnflstore.com/Black+Brandon+Lafell+Jersey on what people are thinking when they commit one of these crimes.

The truth is punishments should be more harsh for all crimes. And they should be punitive. That why I advocate corporal punishment. There is already mountains of evidence that the prison systems lead people to become more hardened criminals, without creating a strong deterrent in the first place. And for most law abiding citizens, it too much of an abstraction.

That is why punishment should be publicized. Public corporal punishment. That way, the guilty (still proven in a court of law) would be punished, and the rest of the citizenry would see the consequences of similar actions for themselves.

But I digress prides itself on being a nation where you can think whatever you want, and not be imprisoned or otherwise censured for your ideas. Except in the case of hate crimes. If the crime is bad enough to warrant the sentence, then make the sentences for all crimes of that nature equal to the current sentence with the hate crime designation.

corporal punishment court crime government guilty hate crimes My post prison punishment racism sentencing thought police

The root of all Law is morality. More accurately: the root of Just Law is morality.

To test this I look at two types of laws that have seemingly nothing to do with morality and demonstrate why they are legislating morality at their roots.

A lot of readers may see this argument coming. But the nature of speed limit laws frequently have people asking, can I drive the speed I want to drive? The obvious answer is that speeding endangers other Brandon LaFell Jersey Ebay people lives.

Remember that in my first blog, I pointed to the Golden Rule as a Moral Absolute. It can be found in every civilization pre and post christian and in several cases it came into being in different places at the same time so no one philosophy or religion can take credit for it. It is a rule that, somehow, everyone who sits down to think about it can come to.

So the government knows through studies that traveling above x speed is dangerous so much for you, because if you want to do something dangerous that your business the government has to protect other people from the speeder. That what their job is. To make sure that you, exercising your freedom doesn endanger me or vice versa.

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