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By lluggg390 on Nov 13, 2013 01:57 AM
Chipper Jones

At a time when the New York Mets desperately needed a quiet, lowkey victory, the team ace delivered just that.

Johan Santana never gave Mets manager, Jerry Manuel, the chance to take the ball from him and give it to the KRodless bullpen Thursday. Santana threw 9 shutout innings surrendering just 4 hits in the 40 Mets win. The lefty fanned 10 Rockies, including the first three to start the game.

Now prior to the game yesterday, I thought the Mets should have gotten Ted Turner on the line to ask him if the team could star in a new Tyler Perry commercial showing this season highlights and having Jose Reyes at the end go, very funny. maybe Omar Minaya, Mets General Manager, should have called up Vince McMahon at the WWE and asked Vinceto trade KRod for the Undertaker. After all, the Undertaker would fit right in with the dead Mets team playing right now. Plus I have a weird feeling thatif KRod were still on the team come September, he would not very much appreciate family members being present at the team funeral. (Just a hunch his wife side, they a crazy bunch)

But these calls unfortunately were not made. (possibly because KRod smashed his fatherinlaw head into a telephone pole at Citi Field knocking out the Mets direct line)

But instead the Mets and their FREE KROD sign holding fans witnessed a gutsy, dominant pitching performance from 57.

Yes, the Mets are a joke right now and are slightly funnier to watch than ABC Rookie Blue, but just because the team is young and can buy backtoback wins, that doesn mean you can wholesale jerseys appreciate one of the game best pitchers. Keep doin your thing Johan, thank you so muchfor not going to the Yankees. Louis Cardinals, Todd Helton, Victor Martinez Leave a Comment

After having a fairly easy time ranking the catchers on the teams contending for playoff spots yesterday, I had to spend a lot more time on the first basemen that are potentially playoffbound. The thing that makes it so difficult is that none of these teams has a particularly weak 1B. They all have shown that they can lead their respective teams, and all are proficient on offense and defense. This is the list that I came up with. I expect at least a few objections.

OK, I don expect any objections on this one, though. Pujols is simply the best player in the Majors right now, hands down. From an offensive standpoint, he looks like the next candidate to be the player who will break all the major records. He no slouch defensively, though, either. This season, Pujols has only committed 12 errors this year and did win a Gold Glove in The Cardinals success, or lack thereof, in the playoffs this year lies heavily on The Machine.

Up to this point in the 2009 season, the $180 million dollar man has paid off with dividends for the New York Yankees, leading the AL in cheap nfl jerseys both home runs and RBIs. The AllStar has also continued to live up to his reputation of being a very good defensive first baseman by committing only 3 errors on the year, putting him in line to potentially win his 2nd career Gold Glove.

If not for Albert Pujols, Howard would be the NL first baseman everyone is talking about for the MVP this year. His power numbers are fantastic, as always, and his average at .275 is a significant improvement from last season. He is the heart and soul of the Phillies powerful offense along with Chase Utley and is one of the most dangerous men to have to face in a big spot in the league. His defense is a bit suspect at times, committing 14 errors this year after Cheap Jerseys 19 the previous year, but it a necessary risk for Philadelphia to take because it not like they can use him at DH in the NL.

4. Kevin Youkilis/Victor cheap jerseys Martinez, Red Sox

Initially position at the beginning of the year along with David Ortiz, Youkilis now splits time at first with Victor Martinez, usually replacing Mike Lowell at third. Either one of them is a great option to have in the position, though, as they have combined to commit only one error in 99 wholesale jerseys games at first this season. Also striking is the fact cheap nfl jerseys that they both are hitting over .300 this year and both have hit over 20 HRs and have over 90 RBIs.

In his first full season as solely a first baseman, Miguel Cabrera has excelled for the battling Detroit Tigers, hitting .329 with 33 home runs and 101 RBI, while only committing 7 errors in the field. Unfortunately for Cabrera, he no longer a third baseman, which means that this year he is not in the MVP candidate talks in spite of his numbers.

Ol Reliable for the Colorado Rockies, all Helton wants is another chance to win a World Series like he had back in 2007. His power numbers are significantly decreased from his prime, but he still hitting .323 for the year and hasn committed more than 5 errors in a season since he committed 11 in 2003. He is Cheap NFL Jerseys the face of the Rockies organization and there might not be a guy in the league who wants to win cheap jerseys more than Helton.

Getting out of Pittsburgh might have been the best thing to ever happen to Adam LaRoche career. At first, he was sent to Boston, where he nfl jerseys china lasted a whole six games before being sent to Atlanta for Casey Kotchman, where he has gone onto hit .344 in 52 games with the Braves and become the protection in the lineup that they have needed for Chipper Jones. He also amongst the best defensive first basemen in the game, with a fielding percentage of .999 this year.

Another beneficiary of change, Morales finally got his chance to play fulltime this year with the departures of Casey Kotchman and Mark Teixeira, and has solidified himself at the position for the LA Angels of Anaheim. The 26year old has been a catalyst for the Halos offense at times, hitting .303 with 33 home runs and 105 RBIs. His defense has been passable, as well, committing 8 errors on the year. However, it remains to be seen how Morales will react to his first time in the playoff spotlight. If he struggles, the Angels might be in trouble against the Red Sox.

Loney was a guy that a lot of people predicted to have a breakout year with the Dodgers, but hasn really lived up to those expectations, hitting almost identically to his numbers from last year. In 2008, Loney hit .289, with 13 home runs and 90 RBIs. This year, Loney is hitting .285, with 13 home runs and 90 RBIs. No, that is Cheap Jerseys not a typo. He is the exact same player he was last season. He has improved defensively from though, cutting his errors down from 13 in to seven in Loney just doesn match up with the rest of the guys on this list, and isn necessarily the guy Joe Torre Dodgers are counting on to drive their offense in the playoffs.

It not even that I think Cuddyer isn good, because he is pretty darn good and he having a career year in with highs in hits, home runs, wholesale jerseys and slugging percentage, but he not a first baseman by trade. Cuddyer is a player who can play just about any position on the field, but was forced to stick to first after Justin Morneau went down with his seasonending back injury. In 28 games at first, Cuddyer has committed four errors, which, when looking at the rest of these guys defensive stats, is not very good. I just worry about a player who is placed into an unusual cheap jerseys situation in important games and what could potentially happen.

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