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By lluggg390 on Nov 13, 2013 01:57 AM
Chicago Bears Strotty

He received his information from Football Outsiders, a website that tracks all kinds of stats, and revealed some pretty interesting numbers on NFC North tackling.

The first stat, percentage of tackles offensive players slotted the Packers worst in the league at 3.3 tackles broken out of every 100 attempts. In comparison, the Vikings ranked second (7.6) while the Lions finished 29th (3.8) and the Bears 31st (3.5). The Carolina Panthers led the league with 8.4 percent. At 74, the Packers find themselves in good position to nab one of the two NFC Wildcard spots at the end of the season. They sport a decent conference record at 63, better than any Wildcard contenders other than the Eagles (62). Still, the Packers were looking for a little extra help this weekend from some of the bottom teams in the NFC. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Here a look at the Packers situation and reviews of how each Wildcard contender did this past weekend.

Green Bay Packers, currently 74

The Packers play the Ravens and Steelers over the course of three weekends and, while it looked more difficult at the beginning of the season, both games will be difficult. Both teams sit at 65 and are very beatable, especially the Ravens at home and the Packers will most likely need to take one of them to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers hold their own destiny in making the playoffs this season. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)

If they lose one of those games, the good news is it will not count against their conference record, the first tiebreaker in determining the Wildcard spots. They also play two games in which they should be favored against the Seahawks and Bears. To close the season out, they go to Arizona to play the Cardinals. The caveat there is that the Cardinals, who hold a twogame lead on the division, could very well have wrapped up the NFC West by Ryan Kerrigan Black Jersey then and will be resting their starters, making for a much easier game.

1. Dallas Cowboys, 73 entering Week 12

The Cowboys were sure thankful for whoever scheduled them to play the Raiders on Thanksgiving Day. America Team pummeled the Raiders 247 redskinsnflofficialstore.com/Black+Ryan+Kerrigan+Jersey and now find themselves in the driver seat to win the NFC East at 83. Someone has to win the NFC East by rule, but Packers fans were hoping that it would be the Cowboys vying for a Wildcard spot due to the headtohead advantage they hold against them from the Week 10 victory in Lambeau Field.

The Eagles sit at 74 and are still very much alive in the NFC East hunt, but instead of worrying about tiebreakers and conference records and such, it would be best if the Cowboys won the rest of their games, including match ups against the New York Giants and Eagles. Their schedule the rest of the way is tougher than their NFC East counterparts, but they should win the East if they win their division games.

2. Philadelphia Eagles, 64 entering Week 12

If it weren for some 4th quarter heroics from Donovan McNabb, the Eagles would have been looking at a 65 record and a 2game difference in the NFC East. They trailed the Redskins by eight points in the fourth quarter but ended up winning the game in the last two minutes, 2724. It would have been a huge gain for the Packers if the Eagles had tripped up, but alas they pulled it out.

The Eagles kept their division title hopes alive with a late rally against the Redskins. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

The Eagles have a better conference record than the Packers because they have played one less game and do not play the Packers headtohead. They will face Atlanta next weekend who is also fighting for their playoff life as well as the Giants and Cowboys, so chances are the Eagles will either knock out one of the NFC East opponents or be knocked out by one of them.

3. New York Giants, 64 entering Week 12

After beginning the year 50, the wheels are starting to come off for Eli Manning and the Giants. They missed a golden opportunity to stay tied with Philadelphia and within a game of the Cowboys, but dropped their Thanksgiving Day match up against the Broncos, 266. They face the Cowboys next week who they already beat in Dallas, meaning they could have taken possession of first place had they won last week.

However, a win in Dallas would not only keep their playoff hopes alive, but their division hopes alive as well. The next week they play the Eagles, meaning that the next 14 days will all but determine the playoff hopes for the Giants. If they win both, they will be in very good shape to win the division. Lose both and they will probably be on their couches for the second season.

4. Atlanta Falcons, 64 entering Week 12

The Falcons were about 30 seconds and one down away from seeing their 2009 playoff chances fade away, but a Roddy White touchdown catch to beat the Bucs 2017 kept them alive in the hunt. They now sit at 65 and are still on the outside looking in, but face the Eagles next week in a matchup that, if won, would let them leapfrog the Eagles in the standings.

After the Eagles, the Falcons play the Saints at home and then do not face a team with a record over .500 the rest of the year. Sounds good for them if they can beat the Eagles, right? Not so fast. Quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner both left Sunday game with injuries and the offense will Nike Ryan Kerrigan Jersey go nowhere fast, regardless of who they play, if the two of them can not go. They could sneak in the playoffs with a win over the Eagles, but keep a very close eye on those injuries.

In the wake of the Green Bay Packers victory over the Chicago Bears 2115 in Lambeau Field Sunday night, it has come to my attention that a certain question of loyalty to a city teams is a must in today sports world. Many angry Bears fans had just watched their aging defense give up a gamewinning touchdown in the last 77 seconds, their savior quarterback throw more insults at his wide receivers than he did completions, and their best defensive player in the last 20 years go down for the season with a wrist injury.

That being said, Sunday night and the days following sucked for Bears fans. The season is hardly lost because one game never has and never will make a season for any NFL team, but it sure got harder for the Bears after their debacle against the Packers.

After the game, my naturally excited state of mind prompted www.redskinsnflofficialstore.com/Black+Ryan+Kerrigan+Jersey me to go on Facebook and talk smack to Bears nation. All of the trash talking was good natured and while some of it got a little out of hand, it was nothing that lasted more than that night. However, there was one argument Bears fans were making against Packers fans that got me upset and wondering why there was an issue at hand.

Being from Illinois and a suburb of Chicago, Bears fans from my hometown chastised my Packers fanhood and called out my friend, who is a fan of all Chicago teams other than the Bears, for not being a true fan They stated that if a person is from Chicago and does not root for all of his or her sports teams, that person is not a fan at all.

One upset fan even claimed that a person who did this was than scum which brings me to the heart of my argument. Does a person who comes from a particular city have to root for every team in that particular city, with no exceptions and no questions asked?

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