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CB Antoine Winfield 
By uuggjery on Nov 08, 2013 06:36 AM
CB Antoine David Harris Jersey Ebay Winfield to miss fifth straight game

OK, tried posting this earlier but forgot to edit out the curse words. This is on my blog but I said I would post it here as well. Here's my plan for next year if we are forcefed Lovie and JA .

I hate to break the news to everyone but Chicago isn't making the playoffs this year. The team has more problems than solutions so now the unenviable task of cleaning up his own clusterfark falls on the shoulders of Jerry Angelo. I of course want wholesale changes including the firing of Ted Phillips, Jerry Angelo, and Greg Gabriel. However, since that's not exactly a plan I guess I need to offer something up or quit David Harris Jersey my biatching.

1. Put Pace on the bench and get Chris Williams at LT. Williams is not a RT and will never be one. He was drafted to play LT and Pace is done. If Williams cannot do the job it's better to know that now and if he sucks see what we have in Omiyale because he's sure as shiat not a guard.

2. Put Shaffer in at RT for evaluation. If he sucks, Lance Louis can use the reps. If they both suck then put Pace in. If all 3 suck then we know where we need to focus next FA period and draft.

3. Move Hester to the slot and let Knox and Bennett play. Knox has www.officialjetsfanshop.com/Black+David+Harris+Jersey gamechanging ability and keeping him off the field is galactically stupid. Bennett needs to be more consistent and show more to make it on the field next season.

4. Either put Manning at FS and leave him there or put him at Nickel and leave him there. Pick a farking spot.

5. Put Briggs in the middle. A WLB's best attribute is usually his ability to get sideline to sideline and blitz the QB. Briggs can do the former, but sucks at the latter. Jamar Williams is a playmaker and could bring your best 2 LB's on the field.

6. Give Tim Shaw a shot at the revolving door at SLB. We're in evaluation period from here on out so why not give the kid a shot, he's hungry and has a nose for the ball.

1. Cut Pace he's old and done

2. Install Beekman as the starting center. Give Kreutz the option to stay on or be traded. Kreutz has deteriorated greatly over the last 2 years and is no longer needed as the offense's vocal leader now that Chicago has their franchise QB.

3. Make a decision on LT. Let Williams and Omiyale battle it out for the position.

4. Cut Craig Steltz. On a scheme that needs a pass defensing free safety, Chicago has David Harris Black Jersey a logjam of runstopping strong safeties.

5. End the Garret Wolfe experiment. I don't care what he does on ST he's just not good. That was a huge reach and waste of a 3rdround pick.

6. If Urlacher is back and the rest did him good move him back to the middle and Briggs to WLB. This will put Williams back to the bench but we need to hold onto him. If Urlacher is in decline like he has been, then give him the option to stay on as backup or trade him.

7. Move Hester to slot permanently and get him back to returning kickoffs and punts. You have the most dangerous weapon football so USE HIM AT WHAT HE DOES BEST YOU A$$CLOWNS!

8. Trade Tommie Harris. I don't care if once traded he wins NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Allow me to paraphrase Mike Singletary in saying with Tommie you can't count on him, you can't play with him, you can't win with him.

9. Fire Ron Turner and find a competent (read experienced) offensive coordinator who can build his playbook around the franchise QB.

10. Fire Rod Marinelli. I keep hearing about how our guys are out of their gaps and that's why we're getting our a$$es handed to us on a weekly basis. Marinelli was brought in to fix the dline and so far it looks like he's doing as good of job with it as he did with the Lions. Last year the dline compiled 23.5 sacks. This year they are projected to get 24.6 sacks. Wow, that's some terrific turnaround there!

11. Waive byebye to Mark Anderson and Ogunleye. Don't get in a bidding war just let them go and take the compensatory pick(s) if they do anything next season. bidding wars, susprise cuts, etc.). Here are the places Chicago needs to upgrade without delay:

1. Chicago NEEDS a veteran WR. When you look at the roster and it consists of a 2 converted DB's, a 2ndyear man who didn't get on the field his rookie year, and a rookie . Well it's not very much of a stretch to realize Chicago is in dire need of a veteran WR to help Cutler. I would like to see Chicago make a play for one of these 4 guys:

A. Brandon Marshall of the Donkeys The disgruntled WR wants out of Denver and maybe Chicago could get a nice "hometown discount" for reuniting him and Cutler the guy who helped get him to those Pro Bowls.

B. Vincent Jackson of the Bolts Big, fast, and smart. The guy is a nightmare to opposing defenses and would give Cutler a big, surehanded target. Cutler is a fan of big receivers, let's get him what he needs.

C. Steve Breaston or Anquan Boldin of the Cardinals Breaston is headed to free agency and the Cardinals will want to lock him up or send him packing. With the shenangians of Boldin this would prove a ripe time to pluck Breaston with a high offer or pluck Boldin if Arizona is committing to Breaston.

2. The Bears are also in need of a formidable free safety who can cover. Since Mike Brown, no one has come close to filling those shoes. I'd like to land one Nike David Harris Jersey of these three guys:

A. Nick Collins of the Packers Collins would have the benefit of knowing his opposition quite well and we get the added bonus of screwing the Packers which always makes me smile.

B. Will Allen of the Bucs Hey if we're going to be Tampa North, at least let's get one of their actual good players. If we can waste a farking 2ndround pick on Gaines Adams we could find a nice contract for Will Allen.

C. Josh Barrett of the Donkeys Barrett fared well his rookie season after being called up from the practice squad due to injuries. Barrett (for those who remember me admonishing Angelo for not getting him 2 drafts ago) is the prototype of a cover2 free safety. This year, with the regime change, Barrett is struggling to get in at the Nickel position. A 2011 6th or 7thround pick could entice a trade.

3. Find a pass rusher. This team needs someone who can rush the passer. I love Alex Brown but he's a solid, allaround player. We need someone to put opposite of him that can be a disruptive force on opposing QB's. Ogunleye and Anderson will both be gone so it's either promote from within or take a look at these 3 guys:

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