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By llugggioo on Nov 08, 2013 02:54 AM
Colts at a Crossroad

My name is Elliott Henry Travis and I am a Leonard Hankerson Jersey Ebay twenty two year old male out of NY. I am recent college graduate who has a deep rooted passion for sports. My goal is to obtain a job as a sports reporter or journalists and this is my start. I have been interested in sports since I was a child and that has stuck with me till this day. I have interned for a radio station, television station, and sports team. I am ready to make the next step to a career in the sports media industry and I want spread my knowledge redskinsnflofficialstore.com/Black+Leonard+Hankerson+Jersey and gain opinion on all things sports. I have set up this Tumblr page in an effort to garner attention from all types of sports fans. I hope my posts are appealing and enticing.

"The secret of successful journalism is to make your readers so angry they will write half your paper for you. Joad"

02 record in the preseason shouldn't mean much for any NFL team but Curtis Painter and Dan Orvlvosky as the two quarterbacks on the depth chart, means hysteria for the Indianapolis Colts. Painter took the role Jim Sorgi surrendered a few years ago as Peyton Manning backup and he has failed horrendously. The sixth round pick of the Colts in 2009, has played two career games and maintains a QB rating of 9.8. Dan Orvlovsky on the other hand has made a claim to fame in the NFL. Orvlovsky was on the Detroit Lions 2008 team. He started seven games that season, losing all of them. Basically, if the Colts lost Peyton for a substantial amount of time, the team would bomb. Peyton currently holds the longest active starting game streak at two hundred and eight games but coming off serious neck surgery maybe the team could go and sign a solid veteran. Is the guy who was 1 in the NFL with consecutive games started until last year that potential option for this year?

One hundred and twenty six thousand six hundred and six passing yards and nine hundred and seven touchdowns, those are the career numbers of Peyton Manning and his southern cohort Brett Favre combined. Envision a team possessing both these football luminaries. Envision that team being the Colts. The story this offseason has been the same as previous ones but with Favre a fan can never know. Bus Cook, Favre agent says he is done and enjoying riding John Deere tractors but fact is fact, Favre deep in his Mississippi gut wants to play some football. Brett has an awful year last year and there is no doubt, that did not sit well. Every game last year for Favre was a catastrophe. It was like a David Morris book merged with a William Shakespeare tale playing out week after week. www.redskinsnflofficialstore.com/Black+Leonard+Hankerson+Jersey Favre 2010 season was the worst of his career and was a complete misrepresentation of his career as a whole.

It can't be too bad to own a team that hasn't missed the playoffs in twelve years. Oh yeah, there is also Peyton Manning as QB, that can't be too bad either. Jim Irsay and is billion dollar worth is set for a long time coming. Irsay the Colts owner since 1997 has seen nothing but greatness from his Indianapolis Colts and his Indianapolis fan base. How does he thank the team and the city for the commitment? By bringing a super bowl to Lucas Oil stadium next February. If Irsay can be called anything, it has to be intelligent. The man knows football and has been around the pig skin since his adolescents even at one point walking on at SMU in college. Irsay is so smart that he knows that if the Colts don't have Peyton, they don't have much at all. So what better way for Jim Irsay to fix the problem than making a push for a solid back up in case his Prize Child Peyton is out. Irsay this past week during the Redskins Colts preseason game(Redskins won Leonard Hankerson Black Jersey 163 HTTR) telecast said that the team would "evaluate" bringing in a veteran due to Peyton being "day to day" and the possibility of him missing some time. Ok, intriguing? Not yet? Monday morning, Mr. Irsay posted a tweet where he said, "Brad,(meaning former Vikings head coach Brad Childress) I in Hattiesburg(Favre hometown) is it right or left at the Fire chief(Childress recruited Favre out of retirement in Hattiesburg)? Read between the lines, Irsay is either a master humorist or he wants Favre on the bench in case Manning needs more rest.

Can Favre sit back and be a bench player? For nineteen years the answer was no but now at the age of forty one, Favre might be more willing to fill in if Manning can't go on game day. With a potent team, the Colts could be a serious contender to play in the Super Bowl in the team's hometown. It is realistic to ponder if Favre would want to join a team and win a second world championship. That would be the kind of way a Favre should be idolized, a championship and alongside another legend. No matter the result, it would not be such an terrible idea to give the ol' gun slinger a call and chance. Peyton shouldn't miss a game but Favre would make a great second option. One question remains, is Favre still capable of throwing a straight spiral or is Favre Mania a bunch of Hype? Let Jim Irsay make that call.

Extra Period: What is it with NASCAR and road course racing. Two weeks a row in NASCAR there have been road races and two weeks in a row there have been spouts. At Watkins Glen last week, Boris Said went irate on Greg Biffle after Biffle punched him in the face. On Saturday, in the Nationwide series, Patrick Carpentier and his crew chief went nuts on Steven Wallace. In this case, Carpentier ran his mouth while his crew chief went sissy on Wallace pulling Wallace hair as he drove in the pits. I like NASCAR, but face it, people don't watch it religiously like other sports. NASCASR has been more for its fights recently than its racing and is it a bad thing? The bad thing is when part timers like Said, and Carpentier flip because NASCAR regulars aren't use to the road courses. What NASCAR should do is set a minimum race amount for part timers like these two and let them hit the super speedways, than those guys can criticize if the competition is dangerous. Everyone cares about Earnhardt Jr. and Gordon, no one cares about Carpentier and Said.

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