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s) for your core, 
By jayscu on Nov 08, 2013 02:11 AM
10 Black Friday UGG Boots Pushup air max 1 sale uk Variations for a Stronger Body Slideshow

During 25 years of training, I seen pushups used in high school gym classes, the military, and dojos, often as a form of punishment. With good reason: Pushups are tough. While people at gyms spend lots of time on benches and other fancy equipment, pushups may be an even more effective way to get you stronger, faster. And they far more versatile than people think. Pushup variations can strengthen your abs, back, legs much every muscle in your body, really. Here are 10 versions of the 2013 Black Friday UGG Boots pushup you aren doing but should be, divided into four categories. Add them to Black Friday UGGs your workout and you see (and feel) powerful results.

Proper Black Friday UGGs 2013 Pushup TechniqueBefore you jump into variations of the classic pushup, be sure you get the original right. To maintain proper form, you must keep your back flat, abs tight, butt down, and shoulders rotated so that the crook of the elbow faces forward. This position ensures that your core is engaged and that your shoulders are in the position that the least likely to cause irritation. If your wrists bother you, perform the pushup on your knuckles, which keeps the wrists in a more neutral UGGs Black Friday position.

Identifying Common Pushup ProblemsThere are a few classic form failures that can indicate glaring areas of weakness. If the low back sags, it shows that your core is weak. If the shoulder blades flare out from the body in the top position of the pushup, the Serratus Anterior (muscles along the side of your rib cage just underneath your arms) need work. cheap nike air max Try doing Pushup Holds (which are just like a plank, only with your arms extended rather than resting on your elbows) for your core, and Mountain Climbers (same position as 2013 Black Friday UGGs a pushup hold, only you make it more challenging by bringing UGG Boots Black Fridayyour knees to your chest on alternating legs) for the Serratus Anterior.
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