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Investment casting reduces cost of metal casting

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Investment casting reduces cost of metal casting 
By megan2008 on Nov 07, 2013 08:07 AM
Investment casting insteads of machining,to cast parts or integral piece,which reduce the cost.The advanced method of investment casting process improve the dimensional accuracy of the casting,which reduces the machining costs and parts costs.And the utilization of metal casting with investment casting is much higher than those with other methods.

The investment casting process competes with the majority of metal forming processes and offers some unique advantages. The process offers a multitude of benefits including cost savings, design freedom, close tolerances, superior finish, saving in machining time, reproducibility and assembly savings.

Investment Casting, also known as “Lost Wax casting”, is a sophisticated casting technique that is capable of producing complex and near net shape components. The degree of complexity achievable in the casting dramatically reduces the need for expensive machining and fabrication processes to finish the engineering component.

Investment casting also produces a very clean and sound metal component; an attribute not always associated with other casting processes.

The process saw its first major industrial applications with the advent of the jet engine which required a casting technique which was capable of producing very accurate components in high temperature alloys. To this date investment casting is still used in the production of many jet engine components. The strict requirements of jet engine components are a testimony to the capability of the investment casting process.

Investment casting produces the closest tolerances of any casting process over a wide range of alloys. Only permanent mold casting methods compare but these methods are restricted to low melting point alloys and can not be used with high melting point metals such as carbon steels, stainless steels, tool steels, cobalt and nickel based alloys etc.

Today many industries are benefiting from the capabilities and cost benefits of the investment casting process. Unfortunately many design engineers are not fully aware of the process and it is often over looked as a production method when developing new components.

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