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Doctor Who: the anniversary episode

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Doctor Who: the anniversary episode 
By matthewer on Nov 06, 2013 03:18 AM
Fans were in emotions: until then it has vair nothing official when the broadcast on France 4 of The day of the Doctor, the episode celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who complete 1-7 dvd(http://www.dvdhotsaleau.com/doctor-who-seasons-1-7-dvd-box-set-free-shipping-1751.html), on November 23. Yesterday France 4 confirmed us...

As you know, the most famous doctor in the history of television, the Doctor Who will celebrate its half century, November 23 next on BBC one, with a special episode titled The day of the Doctor. An episode simultaneously broadcasted in more than 75 countries. Until yesterday, nothing was announced for the France...

Fortunately, on the margins of the preview screening of the season 3 of the series Hero Corp (broadcast on France 4 at the end of the month), to the Max Linder yesterday, the Director of the antenna of France 4: Sandrine Routan announced at first the good news. Yes, 50 years of Doctor Who episode will be also released in France on France 4 November 23!

Small downside however (but that is not really one for the purists): the chain does not know if she will have time to double episode. Of course, which would impact on the broadcast schedule...

Fans of Doctor Who, this series British phenomenon that will soon blow its fifty candles, don't miss by the DVD release of the seventh season. A further essential box it marks the departure of the iconic couple Amy and Rory, and the arrival of the mysterious new companion: Clara.

Remember that this season 7 will also be the last for Matt Smith as the 11th doctor, since the latter then once ultimate his bow tie on the occasion of the traditional Christmas episode, during which it will pass the relay to his successor, Peter Capaldi.

Season 7 of "Doctor Who" arrives today on DVD. The best way for fans to wait, a month battery before the highly anticipated 50th anniversary of the series. Discover preview.please visit our site http://www.dvdhotsaleau.com
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