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Can Cardinals finally mesh against Ravens

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Can Cardinals finally mesh against Ravens 
By yuggjery on Nov 05, 2013 05:35 AM
Can Cardinals Dee Milliner Jersey finally www.officialjetsfanshop.com mesh against Ravens

Time to examine the state of football in Arizona and no betterment accounts in the it's more plugged in and did anybody I know in this state Craig Morgan of fox sports Arizona dot com weird. Cardinals camp today the team certainly struggling where do you where you start when you start talk about where the Cardinals are. Well I think that place everybody starts with Kevin quarterback I think that's what everybody's looking at right now he's clearly struggling in the number there is Ken Whisenhunt mentioned. His footwork being an issue and Kevin talked about that a little bit today. It's hard to judge Kevin right now really six games into his career as a and he's learning a new and hasn't had an offseason. I know fans are gonna jump to conclusions on minority saying he's a bust but it's way too early to judge this position it's the hardest position to learn in the you know they'll. He needs time unfortunately that's the reality. Wanna fight doesn't help a lot but that is Dario you were just inside the locker actually just walked out the doors grabbed the microphone were the faces www.officialjetsfanshop.com/Black+Dee+Milliner+Jersey look like inside that locker basis are still be you know they still see a lot of time and they still see some. Some positive signs they think that their clothes and that's been the message around here for a few weeks. That you make 11 or two plays here there and they can turn things around how does that compare right now to say that read Kurt Warner era. Of the Cardinals. I you know they have via they have the Super Bowl run and that the following season as as kind of guide. So I think I don't think it's quite as low as it was back then and you know the Cardinals really had no history at all to any kind of success. They still believe that they can get back to that point they still the coach that guided him there so I do think that and they had they see another old friend this week Anquan Boldin the Baltimore Ravens. expect from Anquan Boldin in NF Pegasus sleepy Ravens team or maybe angry Raiders team I'm expecting and C united to be honest I think the worst thing that could have and the Cardinals was that the Ravens turn an against Jacksonville because they're gonna come chart this weekend this is. I hate to say it but this is going to be the hornet's nest we could see rock bottom this week in terms Anquan Boldin I think we're gonna see a guy with a chip on his shoulder. He Dee Milliner Jersey Ebay was angry with the contract situation here didn't wanna leave it like the way they treated him in justices first chance they've. There's a headline right there from him before we we stop discussed the NFL real quick a brighter future the Cardinals my fantasy team that currently has Andre Johnson Peyton Hillis. Job the best in the Garrett blunt in the starting line. Tom I'm really Ricardo high ankle at that they'll see on Sunday.
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