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Can Galinari and Curry Fulfill Your Fantasy

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Can Galinari and Curry Fulfill Your Fantasy 
By yuggjery on Nov 05, 2013 05:34 AM
Can Galinari and Curry Fulfill Your Fantasy

I am not much of a fantasy basketball fan, but it is clearly a huge activity that provides interesting analysis of statistical info.

D Knicks typically receive favorable outlooks before the preseason because fantasy players know that a few players on the Knicks will have excellent offensive statistics. In his series identifying the best fantasy draft prospects and for every team, Tommy Beer of Hoopsworld, points to the potential of Danilo Galinari and Eddie Curry.

With the Sixers, Nets, Raptors, and Celtics previews already complete that leaves just one Atlantic Division squad remaining: The New York Knicks. Despite their poor win/loss record, the Knickerbockers are coached by the one and only Mike D which means they are guaranteed to provide some fantasy fireworks.

Again, I attempt to select a couple of players from each squad that, for one reason or another, may currently be undervalued relative to their projected production and draft position. Sometimes this is an AllStar caliber player that I believe should be drafted a round or two ahead of his commonly assumed ranking. Or possibly a former stud that will be returning from an injury and could potentially be flying slightly under the radar. And of course we will be searching for those elusive players drafted in the very late rounds, or scooped off the waiverwire, that end up as integral parts of championshipwinning fantasy teamsDanilo Gallinari: We all been there before: It the last round of the draft and you are looking to take a flier, hoping that you be able to cash in on a lucky, lateround lottery ticket. Well, this season, Danilo Gallinari is a name to consider with that last pick

The stage is set for another weird, unpredictable season in NYC. GM Donnie Walsh has made it abundantly clear time and again that he is steadfastly focused on clearing out cap space for the of 2010 freeagent class. Thus, the majority of the players currently on the Knicks roster won be a part of the organization this time next year. While www.officialjetsfanshop.com/Black+Geno+Smith+Jersey the Knickerbockers will obviously try to win every game they play this season, Walsh and D also have to keep an eye on the future as well. That means developing and showcasing the talent they view as building blocks of the franchise. Thus, expect to see Wilson Chandler to get plenty of playing time and shot attempts. However, we got a healthy dose of Chandler last season when, as a 21year old in just his second NBA season, Chandler averaged 14.4 points and 5.4 boards. He also set a team record last year, as he became the first Knick ever to average over 33 minutes per game at the ripe age of 21. So don expect Wilson production to go unnoticed by other GM in your league.

On the other hand, Gallinari, coming of a disappointing rookie campaign marred by a debilitating back injury, qualifies as a legit sleeper. He played in only 28 contests last season, and averaged a scant 15 minutes per game, but he did show some positive signs. In particular, his efficiency was noteworthy. He shot 44.8% from the field, and impressively canned 44.4% of his threepoint attempts and 96.3% of his freethrows. definitely one of the best shooters in the league, without a doubt. He 610, knows how to play and is a better defender than what most people think. If he can stay healthy, I feel confident the Knicks will give him every opportunity to play extended minutes. Yes, New York currently has plenty of wings on the roster, but how many of those guys are the Knicks truly committed to longterm? Expect D to lean on Danilo, especially in the second half of the season, as the Knicks fade out of the playoff picture.

Eddy Curry: On a related note, the Knicks would LOVE to see Curry show up to training camp in shape and play well this season. As I outlined in an article earlier this summer, Curry 20092010 season is vital to the future of the entire franchise. Per the piece, Donnie Walsh would be overjoyed if he found a team willing to gamble on Curry and accept his capkilling pact. But the only way there is even a remote chance of the Knicks moving Curry contract would be if Eddy played well over the first few months of the season. And believe it or not, the idea is not completely farfetched if Curry can somehow come into camp in shape and motivated. It was just two winters ago that Curry looked like he was on the verge of blossoming into a dominant NBA center. Back in December of 2006, Curry averaged 21.6 points and 7.9 rebounds per game. As the calendar flipped to the New Year, Curry rampage continued. In January of that season, he scored over 22 points per night (while shooting a remarkable 63.3% from the field) and chipped in 6.6 boards. During that stretch, he ripped off eleven straight 20point games (the first Knick since Patrick Ewing to accomplish such a feat no other Knick has done it since). In February, he was averaging up over 20 PPG and 7 boards once again and the buzz around New York City was that Curry deserved to be named to the AllStar team. That 20062007 season, Curry led the NBA in in the paint. And he finished fourth in the league in fieldgoal percentage at 57.6%, just ahead of Amar Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer. Eddy Curry was just 24 years old. In recent NBA history, how many other 24year old true centers have averaged 19.5 points and 7 rebounds per game over a full season?

We all know the nightmare that has been Curry career and personal life in the time since the end of that campaign, but word out of the Windy City is that Eddy has lost plenty of weight this summer and is looking to revive his career. Well, Mike D and Donnie Walsh will give him every opportunity to do so. If Curry plays even decently in the preseason, they will hand him the starting center gig and hope for the best. We shall keep an eye on the situation and see how it plays out

(AP) Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov says in his personal blog that he has made an offer to buy the New Jersey Nets.

Prokhorov, considered Russia richest man, said Tuesday on his blog that he sent team shareholders an offer over the weekend. Under the proposal, Prokhorov holding company Onexim would obtain a controlling share in the Nets in return for loaning the money to build a new arena.

No monetary figures were given, but the blog posting says the controlling shares would be obtained for symbolic price. owner Bruce Ratner faces a December deadline for his plan to build an arena in Brooklyn and move his team there in 2011. The construction needs to break ground Geno Smith Black Jersey by then or lose access to taxfree bonds financing much of the project. This means that Lee or Darko will shift to the power forward spot. Lee has yet to demonstate a consistent outside shot; whereas Darko has known J talent around the circle.

It also means that Lee may not start or his minutes will be somewhat restricted. He may also have to share some minutes with Jordan Hill. His total doubledouble productivity may therefore diminish (and thus his value for www.officialjetsfanshop.com 2010) and this explains, in part, his reluctance to sign the oneyear offer from Walsh.

If Walsh can somehow miraculously trade Curry (preferably for a NO 1 draft choice/lottery pick) by midseason, then Lee will see more court time with Darko in the middle. The rookie Hill will then be able to play some minutes at either 4 or the 5 spot.

With respect to Danillo Gallinari, D will have to divide minutes between Gallo, Harrington and Chandler at small forward. I expect Chandler (and Gallo or Harrington at times) can move to play the 2 guard. This means that N8 will have to play backup point to Duhon, although N8 is most effective at the 2 spot. I suspect that Larry Hughes will ride the bench (hopefully) most of the season, though if he starts it would also be for showcase reasons; Hughes, however, can better defend taller 2 guards than N8 as can Jeffries, who has also shown he can guard (but not play) the point. Somehow D will have to find playing time for Tony Douglas if he is to develop as point guard backup to Duhon. This too, may limit N8 floor time.

Even though the Knick prospects are dismal this season, it should be worth watching how D moves his pieces (who have varied offensive, if not defensive, talent) in the course of games as well as during the season. The 15th spot is still open and D will have to measure the relative skills among those invited to training camp: Sun Yue, Warren Carter, and Gabe Pruitt. If D Knicks can win more than 35 games with what Walsh has assembled in space parsimony, he will deserve much credit. Stay tuned. LGKSeptember 23, 2009


Prince, you hit on the key issue. Forget about what management did this summer; how is D going to manage this team? What are his goals this season? It easy ot say, he wants to win, but this season is really probably about developing the young guns. How long do you experiment with Curry and Darko? Lee can sit on the bench for too long; he is the only thing that keeps Duhon at least slightly effective.

This season is really like starting over for D He got a lot to decide: needs to decide how he is going to run his offense and how much emphasis he is going to put on D? When do the big guys get in and how many nonshooters do you put on the floor simultaneously.

My guess is that at some point Douglas and Duhon will share the floor, moving Duhon to the 2. Did you notice how D moved him to the 2 when Nate was on the floor? That is not a bad spot for Duhon who can hit the tre and may be able to play better D Geno Smith Jersey Ebay with Toney on the floor.

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