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but her home needed to change

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but her home needed to change 
By gfrg001 on Nov 02, 2013 03:20 AM
but her home needed to change

"Everything in it was either green www.shoptexansnfljerseys.com or gold," she recalls. "Floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Green drapes. Green carpeting. Gold wallpaper in the kitchen. Gold wallpaper in the main bedroom, basement walls, hallway. . . . "

Schaefer's family has held Packers season tickets for decades, so her loyalty to the Pack isn't in question. But this was the first house Schaefer had ever bought, and she wanted to create a residence that said "Cheryl Schaefer," not "Aaron Rodgers."

She was also on a budget. So she teamed with her family to renovate her 1,365squarefoot home from basement to roof, in what was basically a DIY project of championship proportions.

To renovate the house, Cheryl tore up. She tore down. She painted. She stenciled. She rummaged. And she survived some impressive house surprises.

Fortunately, Schaefer, who works at Baird Inc., had some assistance in transforming the Packer House into the Schaefer Home.

"My parents, Sylvia and Donald, my two brothers Mark and Scott, shoptexansnfljerseys.com/Black+Ben+Tate+Jersey and multiple friends all helped," she says with a smile.

Today, that house built in 1950 is a bright and welcoming threebedroom home that Schaefer has changed from basement to roof.

The house started out with a great base: an unexpected open concept that's unusual for Nike Matt Schaub Jersey its construction period. The firstfloor living room area flows into a formal dining area, kitchen and hallway, which leads into the two downstairs bedrooms and a bath.

A natural oak wood stairway climbs to the second floor "walkthrough" area, a space that's perfect for reading or just sitting and enjoying the window light. The Nike Ben Tate Jersey walkthrough opens into a third bedroom cheerfully wallpapered in a white floral pattern. A day bed with matching bedspread awaits guests there.

The green carpeting is all gone, and the original hardwood floors glow beneath crisp area rugs. Dark paneling has been torn off the living room walls. Neutralcolored walls in most of the rooms welcome whatever future decorating changes Schaefer wants to make.

Some beloved late'40s and early'50s design elements still bring cheer to the Schaefer house. The builtin laundry chutes from the first floor down to the basement make washing easier. What Schaefer calls "original funky tile" decorates the bathroom walls, and a builtin heater warms the room.

The discovery of a mystery window hidden by that Packers decorating came as another surprise.

"The window was in the living room, and it was hidden behind the floorlength drapes. I didn't know it existed until I opened the drapes the first day I bought the house," Schaefer says.

The best surprise of all was what lay beneath the dark paneling in the living room. When that came down, Schaefer found a marvelous alcove built into the wall. Today that alcove, set off with handstenciled vines created by Schaefer and her sisterinlaw Sheree, is a centerpiece for the entire house, giving cherished family pictures a perfect prideofplace framework.

Not all photos in the house are of family, however. Schaefer brought her love of animals with her when she moved into her new home, and the house is filled with photos and prints of wolves that bring the spirit of nature indoors. Other animals romp here, too: cow figurines in the kitchen, a stuffed bear on a curtain rod, and even Schaefer's first teddy bear resting in a children's rocking chair upstairs. Figures of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, stand guard on shelves and in cabinets throughout the house.

They're all part of the home Schaefer has created out of the onetime Packer House. I had a friend who used to live five houses south, and he knew I was looking for a house and told me about it. . . . It was brick, and I like brick houses. I also loved all the wooden shelves and nooks and crannies in the house where I could put my collections. The house had charm. They don't build houses like this anymore. I had to do it on a budget. And I never wanted to go into debt. I would do something as I got the money. On the day I closed on it, my mother and I came over and tore off gold wallpaper in the kitchen and the bathroom. I did everything before I moved in: plasterpatching, painting. The hallway. When we pulled up the old green carpeting, we found green vinyl tile glued under it. My mom and I spent days with razor blades. Wallpaper remover finally worked. But I'm glad we did it because of the hardwood flooring underneath. I put in new windows and a new roof. I upgraded the electrical and put in central air. And I had the wood floors refinished.

A. I don't like seeing everything "Made in China." I like to buy things you wouldn't find at Pier 1. So I go to rummage sales, thrift shops, and I have things from my grandparents. I www.shoptexansnfljerseys.com/Black+Matt+Schaub+Jersey like things simple.

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