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Brief introduction to aluminum gravity casting

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Brief introduction to aluminum gravity casting 
By megan2008 on Nov 01, 2013 12:29 AM
Gravity casting is one craft that molten metal is injected into the mold under the Earth gravity.Broadly speaking,gravity casting includes and casting,metal mold casting,investing casting,lost foam casting,and die casting mud;and in the narrow sense,gravity casting refers to metal mold casting.The process of gravity is as follows:melting,pouring tht filling material,exhausting,cooling,molding ,heat treating and metal processing.

Aluminum gravity casting can also be called aluminum low pressure casting or aluminum permanent mold casting. Aluminum gravity casting likes other common ways of casting. The melted aluminum alloy is poured into the mold by means of gravity-fed. Though pouring rate is relatively low, yet the metal mold produces rapid solidification.

Advantage of Aluminum Gravity Casting:

Good Mechanical Property Compared with Aluminum Die Casting:

Aluminum gravity casting parts have excellent mechanical properties compared with that of die casting parts. Because aluminum gravity casting parts has very lower porosity than aluminum die casting parts. ALuminum gravity castings are generally sound, provided that the casting aluminum alloys used exhibit good fluidity and resistance to hot tearing. Besides,mechanical properties of permanent mold castings can be further improved by heat treatment.

High Production Speed Compared with Sand Casting:

Aluminum gravity casting is suited to high-volume production. Compared with aluminum sand casting process,aluminum gravity casting process uses permanent mold avoid forming shell every time,thus can save a considerable time for casting process. Furthermore, aluminum gravity casting process can be assisted by gravity casting machines, which can increase the production capacity dramatically.

Our aluminum gravity casting products are supplied to wide industries, including automobile industry, oil field industry, agriculture implements, furniture parts, housing appliance etc. Those gravity casting parts are mostly exported to North American, Europe, and Australia. You can customize your gravity casting parts with different materials and post treatments according to the functional requirements of the casting. Basically, all the common metal mold gravity casting alloy can be available in Fotai. And we also offer succeeding value added services such as heat treatments, surface treatments (including electroplating, powder coating, painting), assembly etc.

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