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The resons that you may choose lost wax casting

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The resons that you may choose lost wax casting 
By megan2008 on Oct 30, 2013 05:25 AM
Lost Wax Casting is an ancient technique that has been used to create very complicated metal castings and involved pieces that would other wise be impossible either because of economic reasons or manufacturing reasons. Everyone from small jewelers to large industrial foundries can use precision casting. This process is also called Investment Casting when it is used in commercial industries. While jewelry makers are the primary ones to use the Lost Wax Casting, many others use it to achieve a number aims and goals. Lost Wax Casting is the ideal and preferred method for artists who are interested in making items like sculptures or rings from a variety of alloys like bronze, steel, or copper.

This process is quite involved but not all that complex as long as you have some kind of metal casting know-how. For anyone wanting to experiment with different casting methods precision casting is a great option because it involves a few materials and methods that are not normally found in other methods like Sand Casting. The most noticeable difference of Lost Wax Casting from other castings is exactly what’s in the name the wax.

To use steel casting you do not necessarily have to be an artists but some skill in sculpting might be nice. You are going to start off by creating a sculpture from wax that will be the original. You will then create a mold of the original. The mold is usually created from plaster with latex lining to help preserve the details of the original. If this is your first attempt at Lost Wax Casting you may want to make an original without a lot of detail just to get the feel for the entire process and so you do not become discouraged if something does not work out. Remember metal casting is a skill that must be learned by research, trial, and error. Chances are that you will not be completely successful, the first time around.

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