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Applications about precision investment castings

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Applications about precision investment castings  
By megan2008 on Oct 30, 2013 05:21 AM
The precision investment casting foundries of Fotai in China are very skilled at pouring precision investment castings in various metals and alloys. Precision investment castings are directly related to quality control systems in place and maintaining a repeatable process. Critical processes in precision investment castings are the quality of wax, incoming raw materials, consistent tree setup, process controls in the dip room and tight controls on shell and metal temperature. If these processes are not maintained there is the risk of stack variables.

Precision investment castings are not limited to small parts. Our China foundries have experience producing precision investment castings up to two feet in length and over thirty pounds in weight. Precision investment castings are often used in electric motors, downhole oilfield parts (energy industry), fishing reels, gears, or other small mechanical assemblies.

With precision investment castings wax shrinkage, shell shrinkage, metal shrinkage all must be taken into consideration to achieve a final product within tight tolerances. All these shrink factors must be taken into consideration during mold design.

Unlike other molding processes, with precision investment castings, it is not uncommon to have to modify the tooling up to three times to achieve a final desired tolerance. Therefore, the setup and tooling times are slightly longer.

With precision investment castings our engineers are directly in touch with our customer's engineers to verify the critical dimensions to ensure that the parts can be poured. Many times non-critical dimensions may need slightly more forgiving tolerances depending on the complexity of the part.

Reduce the number of parts required, reducing installation costs and the cost of storage and rearranging the pieces. Producing a vacuum or even lighter, more durable - magnesium is lightweight and high strength properties to dents or a more exotic achieve found in similar products - magnesium castings allow the production of complex contoured surfaces or meet green objectives.

construction machinery castings: http://www.ftm-china.com/product/construction-machinery-castings.html
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